Alloa Athletic v Dumbarton

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mike mulraney, alloa chairman

This is somewhat of an unusual after match conference, normally the chairman wouldn’t be speaking first before the manager – The manager and I have had a chat and while I would rather he hadn’t made this decision, and we have had a long discussion about why he has made that decision, I respect the fact that if it’s how he feels and what he wants to do, his relationship with myself is one that is that I respect that decision. It’s not one that I wanted him to make but I am not happy he has made this decision but is one I do respect regardless of my personal feelings about it – therefore I can confirm that with enormous regret and not something I wished to happen I have accepted Paul’s resignation not because I want to but because my respect for Paul is such that I feel that once he tells me that he wants to do something and he is adamant about it and he is committed to that decision. I know that it is not something that he has taken lightly so I can confirm and will hand over to Paul shortly that Paul has decided that he believes that his tenure at Alloa Athletic has come to a natural end – again I would reiterate that I have less experience than Paul at footballing matters and I feel that Paul could still do an outstanding job for Alloa but once he has made his decision he deserves the respect of his chairman to accept it and that is what I have done.

paul hartley on resignation

The decision today is nothing to do with getting beat 5-1 because I have had other bad results in the 2 ½ years I have been here but over the last couple of weeks I have just felt that my time is up with Alloa Athletic, the journey was going to end and get someone else in to regenerate the players here. It is something I have thought about and I spoke to the chairman today. I have had a great 2 ½ years here and it was not a split second decision to do with the result. I just feel it is time for someone else to come along and get the success that I had – every manager has a shelf life and we have had great success here – we came from the third division with no players and have taken the team along to the championship. I have been having a think about it over the last couple of weeks in terms of how I have been feeling and sometimes you get a sense of things and your players – they have been absolutely brilliant for us but it happens sometimes I am sure I have left the club on a good footballing footing it is now up to someone else to take over – they will have a great chairman to work with – I have a great relationship with him and it has come as a shock to him and I have had a great group of players I have also had a great back room team also who have helped me all the way. I have no future plans whatsoever – I will probably have a little break and I will think about the time I have had here and the enjoyment. We have come from the 3rd division with a lot of hard work and a lot of stress and strain on the way but I have left the club with a great footballing side considering where we came from. I am sure whoever comes in to take the job they will have a great chairman and a good team and I am sure they will do well here. There is no doubt I still believe the group of players at the club are good enough to stay in the championship by the end of this season. Sometimes you just need a fresh face in to keep them going. Eight or nine of the players have been with me since the start at the third division and I am sure whoever comes in, the players will work for them as they have for me. I am sure the chairman will pick the right man. He is a fantastic chairman to work with. We have had a great success and never had a fall out in the 2 ½ years that I have been here and I would like to thank him for giving me this opportunity in terms of getting into football management but I have made up my mind and it is 100%. I just think it is the way I am feeling sometimes you are at a club even as a player and you just need a fresh challenge sometimes and I feel that I have definitely taken the club as far as I can go but there is no way I have lost the players in the dressing room – we had a bad result today but that happens along the way. I am sure Alloa will stay up – I have kept them in a good position we are not near the bottom of the league what we have done here has been a remarkable job. Paddy Connolly will take charge of the club for the next few weeks until the chairman sorts something out.

Mike Mulraney continues –

Paddy will take charge of the club for the next few weeks – I have spoken to Paddy and for the avoidance of doubt Paddy has intimated that he does not want to be the manager moving forward on a full time basis but he has got the full support of the back room and the full support of the board and the team and one thing I would say that I said to the players and I said to the back room and I know the directors are all aware of is one day those players out there will be talking to their kids and their grandchildren about the fact that they played under Paul Hartley – just as much as the same as the very best managers that are here at the moment in the top clubs throughout Europe – the players who were there at the start of their careers say that and one day those players who are along in the Alloa dressing room today will be able to say to their kids and grandchildren we played under that man. It has been fantastic having Paul here – he has been an outstanding credit to Alloa Athletic Football club, an outstanding servant, an outstanding manager whose dedication to the cause was above and beyond anyone’s recognition and understanding so a big thanks to Paul for all the work he has done with the club and be under no illusions that personally if I had the choice my next manager would be – quite clearly – one pick – Paul Hartley. Thank you.


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