Dumbarton v Alloa Athletic

4 - 1
Full Time


This was a game when nothing went right on the the night for the club, a game the players so wanted to get back to winning ways against a Dumbarton side at the foot of the table, in short to often this season we have not won games which on paper we should be winning and again tonight Dumbarton took full advantage and “The Wasps” suffered a 4-1 defeat.


allan maitland after dumbarton defeat

Reporter:- For a spell in the match you were the better team?
Allan:- I didn’t see that at all, we were second best to absolutely everything, I think in the first ten minutes Dumbarton have hit the post, our keeper has made two great saves and then they scored. At the moment we are a team that is totally disjointed and I have to take full responsibility for that. I brought all these players here and tried to make the team better and for various reasons instead of being a unit we are a team of individuals and that needs to change and needs to change now. So at the moment I have to try and make that rock bottom bit of irony here when we are at Dumbarton. As far as I am concerned we have a game at Brechin on Saturday which by any stretch of the imagination should be a much more difficult game than coming to Dumbarton. But based on the fact we got pumped 4-1 tonight we have to make sure we are ready for Saturday and look forward to the game on Saturday. We need to change our whole mentality at this football club. I have tried to make us a better football club to go and win the league, now I need to change the mentality to something in the region we had last year which was to be hard to beat. Even when we did not play well last year we would get a point, when we were abysmal we would get a point, sometimes we did not play well and we would win and when we played well we won. Now we are playing well in games, but we are either losing or getting draws and when we are not playing as well as we should do – we are getting pumped to East Fife and we are getting pumped to Dumbarton. So Saturday is a difficult game and we have got to make sure it’s a difficult game for Brechin City. I apologise to our supporters that travelled to tonight’s game, they are fully justified in showing there disappointment and I can assure them that any disappointment that they have will be felt by every one of us as well. So it’s a disappointing night but it shouldn’t have been, a night having been disappointed on Saturday – tonight should have been a game for us to get ourselves back on track and that’s not happened so we now need to go to Brechin and make sure we go to Brechin as a team hard to beat.
Reporter: Bryan Prunty received an injury will he be ok for Saturday?
Allan : Eh, I don’t think so I think he has got an ankle injury and looks like he will miss Saturday but lets be honest any one of our players tonight could miss Saturday based on tonight’s performance Bryan included, so as I said earlier I take full responsibility for that and I need to try and encourage the players to get back to doing what they are really good at.


Dumbarton Football Stadium
Dumbarton Football Stadium, Castle Road, Silverton, Dumbarton, West Dunbartonshire, Scotland, G82 1JJ, United Kingdom