Alloa Athletic v Stenhousemuir

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Again we must look back at this as a game where we just didn’t take our chances, especially in such a hugely important game, and once again gave away two goals and handed the points to our opponents Stenhousemuir who never gave in. We now are only one point ahead of Stenhousemuir with two games left – next Saturday against East Fife at Methil and then a final game at home to Champions Livingston, if we are going to avoid the play offs we will now have to do it the hard way after having having thrown away the points after being well on top yesterday against Stenhousemuir.



It is ridiculous that we lost that game of football; it was a game where we were absolutely on top, we were controlling it, creating chances, we continue to miss chances it was 1-0 and certainly should have been 2-0 before half time. Chris McCluskey made a great save but other than that we had great opportunities. At the start of the second half we had Kurtis Byrne right through but he doesn’t score, Michael McGowan had one which just went by the post, yet again we loose two goals in quick succession. In the second goal how on earth anybody can contrive that that’s a passback beats me – maybe there is something I am missing. Regardless of that we don’t defend it properly, we cann’t defend things and we cann’t score goals at the other end and that is a recipe for disaster, I have said it all season and that’s where we are. We have nobody to blame but ourselves – we had enough chances today to win three games of football never mind just today’s and if we cann’t take them we have nobody to blame but ourselves. We now have a situation where we have two games to go and possibly another four on the back of that – we need to get our finger out and make sure we start doing things right and that will be rich if we can suddenly start to do that after waiting 34 games to get that done. Very, very disappointing again, a game we were in total control of we have managed to throw away again. Good luck to Stenhousemuir they worked hard and kept going, even when we were ahead and looked like they were going to extend it – they got the breaks they obviously wanted, a good finish from Grant Anderson but from our point of view shambolic defending again and just not good enough. I dare say we are now in a situation where we are in a fight, I have been saying it to the players for weeks we are in a fight but we managed to switch off at crucial times and have managed it again today. We now have a very interesting trip to East Fife next Saturday and what could be a really tense last game of the season against Livingstone. The dressing room is like a morgue, absolutely silent, everybody knows we have let ourselves down, let the fans down – they certainly don’t need me or anybody to tell them – we just need to work at our game this week and see what we can do better next week.


The be all and end all today was the result. In the first half we were not at the races, Alloa dominated and to be perfectly honest Chris McCluskey kept us in the game – I thought he was absolutely magnificent in everything he did today. In the second half we got ourselves back in the game with two good goals and Scott Dalziel made a difference when he came on and helped turn the game for us but we still had to contend with Alloa’s threat and Chris stood up to the plate today and was outstanding. In terms of the first half it was disappointing for us, we knew it was a big game for us and I don’t think we started the game very well, Stevie Murray had a chance earlier on but we don’t tend to score first against anybody but we the come back today was brilliant and typifies the spirit that is at the club.



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