Alloa Athletic v Peterhead

1 - 2
Full Time

The Wasps managed to contrive to lose this game against a Peterhead side which should have been out of sight by half-time. Again we have been punished for mistakes, one in defence and the other when the winning goal should have been cancelled for a handball. However how many chances do we need to win a game and how costly were our misses in a match, with better finishing we should have won the game 6-2. We have had a habit of giving away goals and today was no exception, drawing the game would have been cruel but to lose the game really harsh. Even after staring defeat in the face, Alloa rallied in determined style but were repeatedly thwarted by a lack of belief in front of goal. We now have two very though away fixtures, against Raith Rovers and East Fife before a massive game at home against fellow relegation strugglers Queens Park. We are in this together and must be united, we have to pick up points and with better finishing we need to be positive and pick up vital league points.


allan maitland after peterhead defeat

If you look at our goals against tally it will tell you we are capable of losing goals, and at 1-0, the game is there to be won, we had played well in first half of the game I felt, we had created great chances, Andy Scott had a fantastic chance at the beginning which he has put over the bar, nothing unlucky about it, because you don’t hit the target, he has missed another one in the second half when he brought it down on his chest, then sliced it wide and then Stuart Noble has preceded to miss three, maybe four if you count the save, four great chances in front of goal, a header from two yards, a one and one with the goalie, he could have walked round the keeper because he was in his net and never hit the target with them, so we cannot win games by missing these chances. Then our frailty comes to the fore, the attacker is facing the wrong way so there is no danger to us, but we manage to let him turn and score, defensively that is not good enough and the second goal every body knows it is a handball to be fair and the referee should give it, even allowing for that we did not defend the corner properly, the guy had loads of space at the back post, but these things happen. For our point of view we are now third bottom of the league and today’s a classic reason as to why, we are third bottom of the league. We are playing a Peterhead side with so many injuries and suspensions that they are there to be got at, we are winning 1-0 with a magnificent goal, the game is there to be won, its just a question of going out and grasping it and we are incapable of doing that, that is where why we are, where we are. I made point in the programme notes the reason we are where we are is be because of lack of experience and no matter who you are, if your team proceed to miss four chances like the ones we missed today, and giveaway a goal and the referee doesn’t give a handball for their second goal, there is not a thing you can do about it, we have just got to keep our heads down, work hard and make sure we don’t finish in that second bottom place and change things at the end of the season. Today was typical our season I believe, a game which should have been won, not even drawn, a game which should have been won, again we have ended up with nothing!


Indodrill Stadium
Indodrill Stadium, Alloa