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  • Alloa Athletic Club Policies

    The following are the policies that are held dear to Alloa Athletic Football Club.


    Disabled Fans

    The club will endeavour to comply with the relevant legislation covering disabled fans and staff, in particular the Disability Discrimination Act.
    The club have undergone a full audit and are activly working towards full compliance.
    The club will also endevour to provide a welcoming enviroment to disabled fans from both Alloa and any visiting clubs and will react to any suggestion or complaint recieved either directly or through our web site, to the best of our ability.

    Youth Policy

    Alloa Athletic are committed to the development of youth football. We see the long term future of our club being dependant on our youth policy.
    We have formal links with the council to assist in the development of our very successful youth teams and will hope to build on this further over the comming years.
    Our Young Wasps program, started in season 2004/05, has been a great success and now has 250 registered members. The club is committed to this project, this project ensures that we are not only producing the footballers of tomorrow but also the fans.

    General Policies

    The club will endeavour to give our fans the best service possible at all times.
    Information will be made available through our web site wherever possible and regular meetings will take place with the fans.
    Any information on cancelled or rearanged games will be reported through the traditional media means and also through our web page.
    Feedback from anyone involved with the club will be welcomed.

    Racism Policy

    The club will not accept any form of racism in or around our ground. This will be enforced against supporters staff and guests.
    The club will work with our partners to ensure appropriate behaviour and tolerance by all involved with the club and all visitors to the club to every section of our community.

    Full Policy Statements

    A full statement of all policies is available from the club office

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