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    Manager after draw at Inverness 

    Saturday, October 19, 2019 2:03:14 PM

    I told my players to forget all about the defeat last week in the Tunnock’s Caramel Cup prior to returning to Inverness for today’s league fixture. That game had gone and we looked to take something from today’s game, knowing we had created good chances last week and hoped for better fortune on this occasion.

    Delighted with the character shown by the squad, we couldn't do a full training session this week as we had players struggling and had two fitness tests at the stadium prior to the match, it would have been a total injustice if we hadn't at least got a point, the players play with pride and desire not to let each other down along with the supporters who were fantastic also, but just as important they play with a style that suits them but also takes courage and that's why I'm so proud of them all.

    Peter Grant

    Peter Grant at Inverness 

    Tuesday, October 15, 2019 2:20:32 PM

    Peter Grant going out Tunnock’s Cup to ICT

    Today was like other games in the fact you are pleased with certain aspects of the game and there are things you are disappointed with, young Nathan who was making his debut done tremendous against two wide players who are probably as good as any other in the league, he made one error and that shows you the difference at the levels when you come up into first team football, that’s what people are capable of if you make a mistake and you get punished, the timing of the goal wasn’t great but up until then both teams tried to play, there were chances in the game but I thought we created as much as Inverness Caley did and I was very pleased with a lot of today.

    We were always in the game, the second goal took a cruel deflection but then after Alan Trouten had a great opportunity at a crucial stage in the match which came of the post, we are a team who will always create chances and I think we have the players to be capable of doing that. The goals we lost, the referee has to look at himself especially at the last one, and if that wasn’t a push I have never seen a push. We are used to these decisions just now, I have said before “ I think it is poor old Alloa” we can give decisions against them and it doesn’t matter but it does to us because the boys work extremely hard and I get really disappointed for them because I think certain decisions in the game went against us, anybody who seen when he gave a free kick and it’s our free kick, they take it quick their player was offside, brings it back and still makes them take it again, some of the decisions were quite incredible but that never cost us the game.

    I thought a lot of good football was played by both sides but we now need to move on to ne0xt week and come back here again knowing it will be another very though game. Every time you take part in a cup tie you want to win it and tonight there is disappointment in our dressing room because we are out of the cup, people might laugh at it but there is nothing better than to pick up a badge or medal at the end of the season that is what everybody wants to do in their footballing career, but we will be back here next week and our concentration now is the league programme, but as  I have said before anybody we play will know they have been in a game and Inverness would have known that today, we also knew we had been in a game because they are a good side so we know we will need to be at our best next week and hopefully I will have more players to chose from.

    Peter Grant


    Peter Grant after victory over Dundee Utd 

    Saturday, October 05, 2019 4:03:56 PM

    Peter Grant after victory over league leaders Dundee United

    I think anybody who has seen the game might have thought we might have had a couple of other goals in the first half, we know we were played against an excellent side, who can cause you major problems with their very good players, but I have said to people before if they have listened to me, that we have very good players also, or best defenders were our front men and or best attackers were our defenders because they got on the ball used it very well and when didn’t have possession of the ball the strikers worked so hard to put the opposition under pressure and not to let them get easy balls forward. All round I was chuffed with the whole performance, we knew we would be under the cosh at a certain period but I think to a man everybody stood to their guns and concentrated and were committed and competitive and I think that is so important when you are a footballer.

    I genuinely thought that we played really well, scored a great goal, but as I said to you we have to respect these players, I know they are part-time and people keep mentioning that fact but they are good players, it is not worth for some of the players to go full-time, because of the jobs they have, you have to respect that these kids can play, I see them training and that’s why I got disappointed after the  Ayr United and Arbroath games, which is no disrespect to them but we didn’t turn up and it’s not because we are part-time, because I see the way they train every week and that’s where the disappointment comes because I can see the way they train and the way they prepare and what you have seen tonight is how they perform in training. They got their just rewards tonight but we have got to make sure we turn this into a fortress, because the results have not been good enough at home, I don’t like to look back but I think it is so important we build on that result tonight because all your home games are your most important games to take three points from because if you lose at home it is not easy to go and win away in this league. Chuffed with tonight but we must move on and start focusing on next week that is the way football is. You will live with this, enjoy your weekend and then we will get back to work on Tuesday night.

    Kevin O’Hara has been excellent for me, he is a young man who had probably been out of the game for about a year not playing much football and I had seen him playing with my son at Falkirk and I thought he was too good a talent to loose and I got an opportunity in the summer to talk to him, his big choice did he want to go part-time and he was delighted to do that, he came here and I think he has been excellent for us, he gives us something different, but then you look when Liam Buchanan comes on, he was excellent for us using his experience very well, he is a different type of striker, I have Robert Thomson who I know can effect a game, I have Alan Trouten who has been excellent, so I have four strikers who I think when I have them all fit, I can mix the way we play and I think that is so important and every one of them has had a big effect when they have played for the team so if we can keep them all fit we will be ok.

    Lawrence Shankland puts me in mind when I played against Ally McCoist, when you don’t give him a sniff but he still managed to put the ball in the back of the net, so the concentration levels have to be spot on, right from the start to the ninety fifth minute, Lawrence is a terrific player and thoroughly deserves his call up to the Scotland National side, you create him chances and he will score goals it doesn’t matter if is at International level or club level whatever and that’s why when Oli McBurnie gets a lot of criticism, how many chances has he missed? If you miss the chances you have a right for people to criticise you but not when there are no chances created and I thought we defended really well tonight led by Andy Graham but I thought young Robbie Deas a young man learning his trade, Scott Taggart, Jon Robertson who was playing on the opposite side of the pitch tonight through injuries, Jamie MacDonald’s experience also showed tonight, I could go right through the team and it would be unfair not to mention any one player because I thought they were all terrific tonight and it was a thoroughly deserved result.

    Peter Grant



    Peter Grant after draw at East End Park 

    Saturday, September 28, 2019 4:39:14 PM

    Peter Grant after draw at East End Park

    Today I was really pleased with the boys and certainly a lot different from last week, it didn’t help today having to make changes after the warm up, Liam Dick just not feeling quite ready after the pre match warm up and Adam Brown was put into the starting eleven and Jon Robertson took over at left back  having impressed after coming on last week and of course Adam Brown took the opportunity by putting us ahead with a wonder goal, I was delighted for him but that is what you expect from your team, but I’m disappointed, coming away from the game not to collect the three points. When you go one in front and knock the ball about really well, we created opportunities and had good possession. When we go in front I expect us to stay in front, but we were to lose a bad goal, however I thought there was a hand ball in the lead up to the Dunfermline Athletic equaliser.

    We get criticised for criticising referee’s, I know their job is hard, but our job is hard as well, these two points we feel we dropped could be massive for us come the end of the season. I don’t want to be “Poor old Alloa”, you can give a decision against them and it doesn’t matter. I don’t want to take it away from the players, you would normally come here and be delighted with a point, I’m disappointed because I’m greedy, I thought we deserved all three points, once we went in front we should have stayed in front.

    Adam Brown has all the talent, there is no doubt of that and he can hit the ball like a bomb, he does it week after week at training but it is just for him to make the right choices, he is a young man still learning his trade and as I have said there is no doubt he is a talented boy and I am delighted for him today because I was critical of him in the dressing room last week after he came on in the game because there were certain things he did which were not what we asked him to do and he has responded in the best possible manner today, his work ethic for not playing for weeks and then produce the performance he did today, he is learning on his feet and then to go and score a wonder goal it is just a pity is was not to be the winner.

    Peter Grant


    Peter Grant after home defeat to Ayr Utd 

    Saturday, September 21, 2019 4:01:21 PM

    Peter Grant after home defeat to Ayr United

    A terrible first half which I didn’t see coming, with this group of boys because they are a fantastic group of players. I said to them at half-time it doesn’t matter what level you are playing at you have to compete, we know we are a good football side but you have to compete, the last home game here against Arbroath was similar, I thought we were playing in a testimonial match, I thought Ayr United were very good, I thought we started the first ten minutes ok, but then after the roof caved in and it was damage limitation, to be perfectly honest there could have been more goals for Ayr United.

    In the second half I had said to the players they needed to compete and look to win the second half, we did manage to score one goal but we needed another quickly after our goal to have an opportunity to really have a go at it. The players were hurting as I was at half-time watching it, I made a couple of changes, we had to do something to try and freshen it up. I thought changing the right back was the move that changed the game for us, I have left Jon Robertson out a few weeks and he showed the character that you need to try and win games of football, he was competitive, he set up about five or six goal opportunities including the one Kevin O’Hara scored, but all in all Ayr United thoroughly deserved their victory.

    Losing Alan Trouten prior to the game was a blow, he hasn’t been feeling great this week and we hope it is only a viral infection he has, so that was a late blow to us but we have to try and adjust, the young players on the bench have earned their place the way they have played and earned that right, there are no excuses we didn’t deserve to win the game and it was nothing to do with anything else other than the guys on the pitch didn’t do enough in the first half, Ayr United won the first-half comfortably, we tried to win the second half but we needed that right from the start, my only concern is that is now the last two home games we haven’t competed especially the Arbroath game which was for the full game I felt and today was the first half, much better in the second half but Ayr United thoroughly deserved their victory.

    Peter Grant

    Peter Grant at Dens Park 

    Sunday, September 15, 2019 7:05:24 AM

    Peter Grant at Kilmac Stadium at Dens Park

    It’s great when you come to somewhere like Dens Park and are disappointed, certainly Jamie MacDonald has made a couple of great saves but I thought we played a lot of good stuff. We are obviously disappointed in the goals we conceded, the second one was a bit dubious because I thought Andy Graham cleared it really well and I thought we could have had a free kick for it, but I don’t like to complain about that, when we have lost a game, that is alright to complain about when you win, so I don’t want to go down that road.

    I am very proud of the boys, I was just saying I am more disappointed for them because coming to places like Dens Park I thought we showed how good a team we can be, we had a good chance to equalise with the penalty, but Alan Trouten, who has been outstanding for us and has scored some magnificent goals throughout his period with Alloa Athletic, he is more disappointed than anyone, but I genuinely believe if we had scored at that time we would have went on and won the game that’s how fine the lines are in this league.

    We knew Dundee are a good side with good players and can hurt you and we weathered a wee bit of a storm at the start of the second half. The weather was a bit indifferent for both teams, in the first half with the wind either for you or against you, I am always not sure which is the best thing for you at times, the ball was running away from us at the start of the second half but once we got a grip of it we showed a lot of good stuff and character coming away from here and being disappointed really sums it up.

    Peter Grant

    Peter Grant at East End Park 

    Saturday, September 07, 2019 3:54:17 PM

    Peter Grant after victory at East End Park

    Well chuffed again to-day, a couple of weeks ago when we played Arbroath I said we played it like a testimonial game, certainly not looking competitive but I think we have been excellent in our last two games both with the ball and against the ball, so I have been really pleased with that. I have said from the start we have a goal threat along with one of the best defenders in the league in Andy Graham, along with some of the best leaders, if we get it right at the back and make sure we defend well against the ball we know we have players who can win games and that proved to be the case again today with Alan Trouten getting the winner.

    I can’t fault these guys, from day one since I came in their effort has been phenomenal and today we picked up a couple of injuries, players and been working and travelling to their work there is not much we can do about that, that’s the way life is when you are part time, but the one thing I can give them great credit for is every time they train they give it their maximum effort and maximum commitment and you can see that the way we had to dig in at the end. It’s not just a team this, it is a group of players who somebody described as a gang and that’s the way I would describe them because they dig in for each other, they fill in for each other and that’s what it takes to win games of football.

    The pitch was magnificent today, but all of a sudden we were taking too many touches it was that good, we like to move the ball quick and I thought we took too many touches on it, but once we got playing that wee bit quicker and mixed the game up a little bit more I thought there was nothing I could complain about. In Alan Trouten we have one of the best players at arriving in the box and getting these crucial goals with a phenomenal finish. I think at the death I was more pleased being down to ten men and having bodies on the line to stop crosses, they were heading balls clear in the box with midfield players who are probably not used to it at times and having to head balls away. These are the things which make you successful, there is no easy route in football and these boys have proven it, they work their socks off every time they train and they are getting their just rewards just now, but we know it is in every game they have to do the exact same thing due to the standard we have set from our first game of the season against Partick Thistle, probably about 80% of the game we were excellent but they have to play like that week in week out and against the ball they are getting better.

    Neil Parry felt something pop in his hamstring and it’s a bit unfortunate because Neil has been working away this week and missed training on Thursday, there is no luxury of rest periods as full team players can get, gutted for him because he has been outstanding for us we will just have to wait and assess it and wait for the scan results, it was similar for Blair he was just on, you can warm up as much as you can but it is very difficult at the side of a pitch to be prepared for a match, yet again he is a young man who has not played a lot of football recently, played very well last week in a difficult pitch at Dumfries, but this week he came on and possibly a stiffness in his game legs he has not got yet and I think that is the issue, he has a tight hamstring, he felt it and I am always concerned when it is a hamstring, hopefully that is not the cause and he will be available next week because it would leave us short but you have to deal with those things, we knew that prior to the window closing, so we will work something out.

    Peter Grant


    Peter Grant after victory at Dumfries 

    Sunday, September 01, 2019 5:05:29 AM

    Peter Grant after victory v. QOS at Dumfries

    Delighted to get the three points, today’s performance was a different type of performance we showed that diligence to go and fight for everything and I think that’s what won it in the end, we know we have goal scorers in the team, you can see that when Buchanan came on and Robbie McCrorie had to pull off a wonderful save. But you also have to show that diligence to defend well and I thought the boys did that fantastically well. Completely different from last week, I thought we were very tentative against Arbroath, this week we showed a diligence to work hard without the ball, to get behind the ball and work hard and we showed quality at times and got the balance about right, it’s great to get the three points.

    Although Queen of the South had some pressure, I can’t recall our goalkeeper, Neil Parry having a save to make, yes we defended really well, from the front guys right through and your best defenders have to be your forwards and I thought they did that exceptionally well. We could have scored more goals had we had taken more care on the breaks we could definitely done that, that’s the both sides of the game, you have to defend exceptionally well if you want to take points, I think we deserved them, nobody could argue about that and our keeper has not had a save to make in the full game.

    The goal was a superb bit of quality great counter attacking move, cross and great finish. We know we are capable of that we have the players but the biggest thing is when we have the ball we are always very open cause we want to go and play an expansive game, the central midfield players making runs beyond the ball even when we were 1-0 up, that is something we need to organise a bit better to do that and get better at it. People say to me what is the difference going part time probably that might be it, just not having the time to work with the players, limited to two nights a week to go through these strategic things on the pitch but I know these boys are intelligent to take these things on board but the first thing is to learn how to win games of football and I thought we did that exceptionally well today as I said our keeper never had a safe to make and their keeper had a World class save from Liam Buchanan, so we could have ended winning the game by more but QOS were always a threat cause a one goal lead is a precarious lead.

    The most important thing today was to win the football game, people do it in different ways, there is no set way to do it, we have to win games of football that is what we are paid to do and our players are more than capable of winning games of football as is everyone in this division. I was at a game last night in Dundee and Dundee unbelievable got beat 6-2 and I thought Dundee played very well, it just shows you what the league is like there are no easy games. Arbroath having defeated us last week have again won again today defeating a Dunfermline Athletic side again showing there are no easy games. We are no different from anybody else in this league we will look to win every game we play in, we are capable of winning the games we will be playing but to do that we have to play exceptionally well both with the ball and without the ball.

    Blair Malcolm made his debut today and I was delighted with him, he is a young man who has not played many games and I thought he gave us a little bit of balance on the left hand side of the pitch, he has good energy I thought his quality on the ball was good, he did get caught a couple of times but he did everything that was asked of him.

    Peter Grant

    Peter Grant after home defeat to Arbroath 

    Saturday, August 24, 2019 1:46:06 PM

    Peter Grant after home defeat to Arbroath

    It was disappointing, Arbroath have come and done their job well and we have to give them credit for that but we know we are much better than that, once we lost the goal it gave Arbroath something to hold on to and I just thought the game was too bitty. We lost the ball to many times under no real pressure, sometimes you get that you get caught up in the atmosphere round about you but losing the goal the way we did from our throw in and all of a sudden we conceded a goal which has happened to often already this season. We were in good possession in the opposition half and we concede a goal!

    The sending off didn’t help, I understand the frustration from players at times because there are some decisions for both teams, it is very difficult for referees and linesmen because we now have guys in the stand mark you down if they don’t give a decision, it makes it a very difficult job and one I wouldn’t like to do. However it becomes a frustration when you are trying to play the game quick and the other team are just trying to stop the game being played. That becomes a frustration and players and supporters get frustrated at it. I don’t want my Alloa team picking up bookings for their mouth I want this to be a team to compete and not sitting on needless bookings for your mouth, it then puts you in the situation you can mistime a tackle and lose players. We don’t have a big squad, we done without our captain today and now will miss another influential player in Stevie, who has been excellent for us, so that is a massive blow for us. So the discipline has to be right I understand the frustration but I also have sympathy for the officials.

    We stopped trusting ourselves today, taking an extra touch and we are a team who like to play quick, Kevin Cawley who has been excellent for us was taking that extra touch today, but Kevin didn’t return back to training until Thursday after his head knock at Cappielow, he has been outstanding for us, he is a big player for us in the way he plays. Taking that extra touch allowed Arbroath to get into position. When we move the ball quick we look a good side but when we take too many touches we become an ordinary side.

    Peter Grant

    Peter Grant after defeat at Cappielow 

    Tuesday, August 13, 2019 2:25:23 PM

    Peter Grant after defeat at Cappielow

    I thought we started the game very slow which wasn’t like us but the boys have been magnificent since I have come in the door, I just thought there was a wee edge of them today, at simple things - a throw in against not getting across to stop it and I thought that set the tone for the game. We know we are much better than that these boys have been magnificent they way they have been schooled by Jim Goodwin and prior, the way they work their socks off in every training session and in every game we have played and for me I think it is the first time they have not turned up for their work, so hopefully we can put it to bed and move on to the next game which is what we have to do.

    The sending off was a strange one, Andy said that the linesman had said something to the referee that he should get a booking, but Andy said he had not shouted at the linesman and that’s when he gave him a second yellow which I found incredible which the referee has not explained, because if he had said something or swore, because at first I thought he had swore at the referee but he said he had done nothing, it was the linesman who had told the referee and Andy said “ I haven’t shouted nothing to the linesman” but the referee gave him a second booking but the game was gone by then.

    Morton thoroughly deserved the victory, I didn’t think we turned up today, we had nice patches and could have scored a couple of goals in the first half but we were never in control as we were last week and teams are going to make it difficult for us to play. So we need to be the hardest team to play without the ball and the best team to watch with it, but today we didn’t move the ball quick enough and never stopped the opposition playing and with that combination there is only going to be one winner.

    Kevin Cawley has got concussion, he can’t even remember being hurt, he remembers hitting the ball for the goal but can’t remember it hitting the net when he landed and hit his head off the ground, he wanted to carry on but unfortunately nowadays although he felt good but then came to side of park and we had no choice to take him off, because he has been excellent for us and a catalyst in how we play and we missed him today. So we must dust ourselves down and go and make sure it doesn’t happen again, but we didn’t make it hard for the opposition to day.

    Peter Grant

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