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    Coaches Code of Conduct

    Coaches serve a number of important roles: teacher, role model, mentor, guardian and trainer. Good coaches are always looking to provide young footballers with the mental and physical tools that will equip them to learn technically, to win, and to uphold the spirit of sportsmanship. To help ensure the quality of coaches, Alloa Athletic FC has formulated a Code of Conduct for coaches to follow:

     ·         Treat each youth player as an individual and help him to reach full potential.

     ·         Promote fair play and show respect for other teams. Accept both the guidelines and the spirit of the rules that define and govern Youth Football.

     ·         Keep up with the latest coaching techniques, qualifications and seek continual improvement.


    ·         Provide a safe environment. Check that the equipment and facilities are safe.

     ·         Ensure training and competitions are suitable for the age and fitness level of the young players.

     ·         Instruct young players about the benefit of sport and encourage them to participate in sport throughout their lives.

     ·         Do not over train young players. Maintain the player’s interest and promote their enthusiasm towards football.

     ·         Always lead by example and do not speak foul language.

     ·         Avoid any form of harassment towards young players. This includes harassment on sex, race and disability.


    Parents / Guardians Code of Conduct

     All parents and guardians, involvement and support are much appreciated towards the development of any young player within the Alloa Athletic Youth Development Program. Parents and guardians serve a number of important roles including role model, teacher, and guardian to this end Alloa Athletic F.C. has formulated a code of conduct for parents to adhere to at training and on match days.

     ·         No coaching or instruction by parents or guardians from the touchline this is solely the coach’s domain.

     ·         Do be patient and supportive emphasising good behaviour.

     ·         Always lead by example and do not speak foul language.

     ·         Parents and guardians must never become involved in verbal or physical harassment directed at any match officials, coaches, players or other parents. This includes harassment on sex, race, religion or disability this list is not exhaustive.

     ·         Any questions regarding team selection or substitutions speak to the appropriate coach on a training night never on a match day.

     ·         A marked exclusion area for parents will be set out on match days such that young players are focussed on the game and are not influenced by external comments.

     ·         Parents will be located on the opposite side of the playing field from the coaches of both teams.


    Players Code of Conduct

    This code of conduct applies to all young players within the Alloa Athletic FC development programme. Players are the most important element of any football club.

    Playing for the team performing well and winning are the most fundamental part of the game. Of great importance is how we win and how we lose, embrace respect for others in the game is a given fundamental.


    Player Obligations

    A player shall:

    Make every effort to develop their own sporting abilities in terms of skill, technique, tactics and athleticism.

    Make every effort to lead a healthy lifestyle, including and not limited to appropriate diet and avoidance of any form of drugs be it recreational or performance enhancing (required prescribed drugs must be registered with club doctor).

    Give maximum effort and strive to achieve the best possible performance.

    Make every effort within the Laws of the Game to help the team performance.

    Respect the Laws of the Game and all other competitions rules know and abide by the Laws.

    Accept success and failure with equal measure of dignity.

    Accept and respect the decision of the match officials without protest.

     Abide by the instructions of their Coach and Team officials, show due respect.

    All players to adhere to the clubs policy and SFA’s on discrimination and sectarianism in all shapes and forms, including web pages, comments, actions, this list is not exhaustive

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