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  • Gormley & McDonald after cup tie 

    09 January 2011 15:51:36

    David Gormley after penalty save

    I was the obvious choice to go into goal after Stevie was sent off, I normally dive about all over the place at training so I volunteered right away, I looked over to the gaffer and he gave me the nod. So when Robbo was going off I asked him which way will I dive and he said left and then I thought when I was standing in the goal - his left, my left and didn’t know which way to go so I watched his (Simon Mensing’s) eyes and choose a side and just dived to it and thankfully correctly and made the save. When I used to play about with my mates I would take a shot in goals, I have always loved diving around so I was happy to offer but it could have been any one of us, but in the end it was me. I was gutted I did concede that late goal I wanted to keep a clean sheet and maybe get another opportunity maybe next week in goals. I was quite happy to go in goals, the pace of the game was a much higher tempo than normal, so I thought I could go in goals and get a rest, I was knackered!
    Although I wasn’t on the field of play in the first half it looked a stonewall penalty when Kevin McDonald was tripped in the box but you can only get what the referee gives but personally I thought it was a penalty. We are disappointed at the end of the game, in the first half we had a couple of good chances but in the second half we never really got going, scoring goals has not been a problem for the club recently, so we were disappointed that we never kicked on from first half display and got an equaliser, but going down to ten men killed us. Their fitness was also evident later in the game but I felt we never let anybody down.

    David Gormley penalty save

    Kevin McDonald on penalty and game

    The referee never gave us the award in the first half when I was tripped in the box, everyone I have spoken to said it was a good shout and could easily have been given, I had no reason to go down and was tripped, there is no doubt it would have changed the game. We had the better of the first half and Hamilton’s goal came out of nothing but there was still plenty of time left in the game and I never questioned if we could come back, there was certainly a belief in the side we could get back into the game. In the second half being a part time team the pressure from the home side increased and we were pushed further back and getter deeper and deeper it was getting harder to create any chances in the second half. For the penalty the referee did give at the end of the game, it was a penalty and if the referee didn’t send Robbo off and he had saved the penalty and we scored a late equaliser there would have been an outcry, so I think the referee had to send him off by the rules at the end of the day and probably being so late in the game it didn’t change the result or outcome of the game. We gave them a hard game and as we did in the last round against Raith Rovers, I don’t think there would be a great gulf between Hamilton and Raith Rovers, the game against Raith Rovers was a great personal highlight and we must try to reproduce that form into our league form and try and climb back up the Second Division table, more so now that we have slipped up a bit over Christmas period. I couldn’t help but laugh when David Gormley went in goals, it probably wasn’t the time to laugh but he did well albeit coming of his line to make the save. Gorm’s is daft so going in goals so he could jump about would suit him perfectly, he make a great save at the penalty but a pity about his goal kicks! 
    Andy Graham fouls McDonald in box, Penalty! 

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