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    Press Interviews 

    Thursday, January 30, 2014 3:35:47 PM

    Barry Smith on appointment of manager of Alloa Athletic FC

    I’ve enjoyed the coaching role most recently up at Ross County FC and I was grateful to George and Derek Adams for allowing me to go up there, but when the opportunity came to get back into football management again, I felt Alloa Athletic FC would be a great place to come. So delighted to get back into the manager role. Paul Hartley did extremely well at Alloa Athletic and I will look to continue that, I see it as a challenge and one that I’m fully focused on and one which I am ready for. I have seen a few of Alloa’s games this season and I have seen them in previous seasons as well, they have experience in the team, they have done well, they have had a good defensive record up to recently but have faltered recently due to a few injuries. Although Paul has done a good job you always look to improve and I what to improve as a manager and hopefully I can improve the team. The priority this season has to be to stay in the league, that’s the priority but I have aspirations to get the team as high in the league as possible, but first and foremost, Alloa Athletic are a team which has just come up into the Championship and it was always good to be a difficult season – the priority must be to stay in this league and it is definitely achievable. The coaching staff who are here will be staying I know Paddy Connolly well from playing against him in the past and he is a guy I can talk to and Tam Ritchie and Niam Mohammed will be staying as well. As for Saturday, I will speak to Paddy, obviously Paddy has been taking training over the last couple of weeks and I will make a decision wither I will be in the dugout on Saturday or not. It’s just coincidence that football throws up that our next game is against Dundee at Dens Park, but the game is not about me but Alloa Athletic and that is the most important thing that Alloa Athletic go out and look to win three points. Although I had been at Dundee in the past, you move on, and you get on with life, you cannot think about things for too long, where would you be? The club, Alloa Athletic is the most important thing and I don’t want Saturday’s game to be a circus round about me, that’s not why I am here , I am here to manage Alloa Athletic regardless who they play and Dundee will be no different than whoever else we will play. Paul & Paddy have been doing great work and there has been contact with players prior to me coming on board, we will still be looking, I have already had calls from different people to see if we would be interested but again that’s something I would discuss with the chairman, but there is no point in bringing in players if we don’t need them, however I am aware there are a couple of injuries at the moment which are not helping us too much.

    Chairman Mike Mulraney on Barry Smith

    You never want to lose a manager, Alloa Athletic are not in the habit of losing their manager lightly but we accept we need to move on, it’s about Alloa Athletic Football Club, not any manager or one person. We were inundated, indeed avalanched with applications for the post, but when you know what you want it makes it much easier, so it wasn’t as hard as task as you might think. Alloa Athletic FC were very firm in their belief what was needed at the club and Barry Smith fills every criteria. It could be argued it’s an added bonus Barry is happy to continue with the other football management at the club, that’s Barry’s call, he rates the back room team and that is fantastic for me as a chairman cause I rate them as well, so fantastic, but ultimately Barry is the man who will decide what’s best for Alloa Athletic FC and success or failure, to a large extent, on the park will be down to Barry and we will support him in any way fit to do by myself and board of directors. The advantage of selecting Barry is Scottish Football well knows a lot about his integrity, what he achieved both as a player and as a manager was fantastic and we can only go on what we believe about him but that’s the reality of what we believe we are getting, a manager with great experience in this league and other people around Scotland we agree with what we see in Barry as they have already seen it in Barry themselves, so it was an easy choice in the aspect of what we wanted to pick and I believe he is the right man for the job.

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