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    Alloa Athletic voting intentions 

    Thursday, July 12, 2012 5:25:48 PM

    While we understand that today's vote will be by secret ballot we have decided that our fans should be advised of the clubs voting intentions before the meeting to allow for clarity and avoid any ambiguity on how we interpret the situation.
    We believe that the SPL and possibly the SFA should have taken an earlier and more decisive stance on this issue, instead they ducked their responsibilities until such times that they were no longer in control of the situation.
    They then, somewhat bizarrely, came to the SFL meeting and asked us to vote as they wished (against sporting principles) and not as they had done.
    Incredibly they then proceeded to threaten our organisation with dire outcomes and implied threats if we did not bend to their joint will.
    Even after this Alloa held our own counsel to await our fans responses and the promised response from the SPL and SFA.
    We can advise that our fans were decisively against the Newco having direct entry into division one.
    Again what we received from the SPL was somewhat surprising. While many of the suggested improvements to the structures of Scottish football moving forward are progressive and long overdue, incredibly, they were then caveated with the condition that the SPL would take complete control, with an inbuilt majority on any new structured board 3 to 2. This would effectively give control of the whole of Scottish senior football to the failed management structure of the SPL.
    As we previously advised in our first statement, we would do what we believed was in the best interest of Alloa FC, Scottish Football and sporting integrity. Fortunately we believe that the best interests of all three are mutual.
    Alloa can see no reason to vote in any way other than to put the new Rangers in the league that there own manager and fans have asked for, division three.
    We hope that everyone involved in football takes this opportunity to remind ourselves that to a large extent the fans are Scottish football, without them what is the point? We must remember we are here to manage and administer our National game and not to implement anyones narrow will against the avalanche of public and fan opinion, using the excuse of promises of changes which should be taking place anyway.
    Financially there may be difficult times ahead, but we would rather face that than agree to sell out for short term financial gain or bend to threats and vote for a flawed proposal.


    Mike Mulraney





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