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    Alloa Extend Youth System 

    Saturday, August 11, 2012 2:26:18 AM
    Alloa Athletic extend their Youth System to include 8 – 11year olds

    Alloa Athletic are working in conjunction with Wasp Community Football Club to extend their youth system to include players from 8 – 11 years of age. All squads will play under the name of Alloa Athletic and wear the Alloa Athletic strip. Squads will be selected from Wasp Community Club, including the rapidly expanding Barrhead section, and will be given additional training and the chance to play representative friendly matches on a regular basis in addition to their normal training. Squads will be selected purely on merit and players will be given advice and support on aspects such as fitness and nutrition as well training to improve their technical ability.
    The squads will be run by Darren Young, the 1st team captain, and a team of coaches who will work closely with Graeme Liveston, Head of Youth Football at Alloa Athletic. Darren said “This should make the Community Club even more attractive to members generally and give us a method of both attracting and hanging on to our better players. As selection is based on merit, and squad size is limited, we will be looking for players to have the correct attitude and approach to the game as well as technical ability”
    Graeme Liveston said “We want to give every chance to local youths with ability to play for Alloa Athletic. We recognise the choice is theirs as to where they ultimately end up but we want to have a system in place that at least allows them to consider coming to play for Alloa Athletic. We will work closely with the Community Club to provide additional coaching and support with a view longer term to identifying any players suitable for consideration as a signing for the Under 13’s Pro Youth. I can give a guarantee that all players playing for the new age groups will be assessed regularly with a view to identifying players who can make it to pro youth”
    The new age groups will start from Sunday 26th August. Anyone interested in playing for Wasp Community Club and being considered for selection should call 01259 722695.

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