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    16 Days of Action 

    Saturday, December 03, 2011 3:24:45 AM

    Alloa Athletic Football Club is proud to support the ’16 Days of Action’ campaign. The campaign aims to raise awareness of violence against women and how this impacts on children and young people. In addition to the Club, the campaign is supported across Forth Valley by a number of partners including the three Local Authorities, Central Scotland Police, Forth Valley NHS, Central Scotland Fire & Rescue Service and many voluntary agencies.

    Violence against women is the subject of international attention for a specific 16-day period every year. The campaign begins on 25th November and runs through to 10th December.

    Violence against women means any act of violence by a man (whether actual or threatened) which physically, sexually or psychologically harms a woman. It can include rape, sexual abuse, sexual harassment or humiliation and is carried out in many different ways, for example through domestic abuse, prostitution, trafficking or forced marriage. It is recognised that men can also be subjected to many of these issues, as can people in same sex relationships, however in the vast majority of cases these acts are carried out by men against women.

    Central Scotland Police recorded 3,708 incidents of domestic abuse in the period 2010-11, with 836 reported incidents of domestic abuse coming from the Clackmannanshire area alone. It is worth noting that these are only the incidents that have actually been recorded by the Police. These figures should really be regarded as the ‘tip of the iceberg’ as many women living with domestic abuse are too scared to tell anyone about what is happening to them.

    Statistics tell us that around 1 in 4 women will experience some form of domestic abuse at some time in her life. We also know that around 2 women are killed each week by a current or ex-partner.
    It is everyone’s responsibility to address the issues associated with violence against women and to raise awareness of the facts, including the fact that women are most at risk of violence from men they know and that violence against women is widespread, affecting women of any age, class, race, religion, sexuality or ability. Alcohol, drugs, stress, unemployment or mental health problems are not the cause of domestic abuse, it is already present, however these factors may escalate it.
    If you would like to speak to someone about domestic abuse, call the Scottish Domestic Abuse Helpline. Calls are free and are in confidence. 0800 027 1234.

    If you are concerned that your own behaviour is abusive – and you want help to stop – call the ‘Respect’ helpline on 0845 122 8609.

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