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    Beyond the SPL 

    Saturday, May 14, 2011 6:39:59 AM

     Mike Mulraney’s conversation with BBC Scotland’s Radio presenter Jim Spence after losing the first play-of game 2-1 to Annan Athletic.

    It doesn’t make it any easier being one goal behind, but we now know we have to win on Saturday by more than one goal, basically that is how it is, it’s now just like a one off game in a strange way, looking at the positive side I don’t think it makes a difference, it’s not enormous we knew we would still have to go out and win the game on Saturday – it now turns it into a one-off game.

    Jim Spence asked would it make a difference in terms of the quality of applicant for the Manager’s position and what is the latest on that –

    I hope not, I hope that whoever wants to come and join Alloa Athletic wants to come to our club, of course it’s better if we are in the Second Division but in an ideal event whoever we attract will want to manage Alloa Athletic football club and that is the most important thing. We don’t want to be in the Third Division anymore than others want to be in the Second Division. It may make a slight difference – put it this way none of the applicants are saying that they don’t want the job if we are in the Third Division. “

    Jim Spence asked if at this stage Mike was at liberty to talk about names, about the kind of people who have applied or if not can he give an indication of the quality you have had apply?

    I would rather not name names because I feel it would be unfair on those that have applied, if they want to say that they have applied for the job then I am completely and utterly relaxed about that but I would rather not name them because I feel that would breach some of their confidence a little bit but the calibre is outstanding we have many applicants who have managed or been involved in the Scottish Premier League, International football, Scottish football league at a high level – very good candidates, very good managers and almost an embarrassment of riches at this point in time – we are holding our water until we see who applies.  

    Jim Spence asked what the club offers a candidate, you are almost seen as “Mr Alloa” , you have been very ambitious but you will not be happy at the position you are in, being in the play offs – you would be a side who would be looking to push for promotion to Division One.

    “Absolutely, we restructured off the park to get ourselves in a situation where we want to be a First Division team – we spent a lot of money on the ground , trying to improve things, we have got facilities the like of which some Premier League teams would love to have. When you look at Premier League clubs in what they are aspiring to and we have got a lot of that. We have got our artificial surface down which we means it’s there all the time , we have got our own sports centre next door which mean we have got a further outdoor G3 surfaces and we have got an indoor facility, we have also got access to our sister companies – swimming pool, sauna, Turkish – it’s the kind of things that a lot of the Premier League teams would hope to have and we have got it at a Scottish Football League club.” 

    Jim Spence asked if Mike would ever see a situation where a club like Alloa would contemplate full time football – or would that always be beyond Alloa Athletic?

    I think it would be unwise for a club like ours – I think there is a half way house – I think that there is a situation where as you develop as a club you might look to model yourselves more on the Scandinavian model where the guys are training three or four times a week and it allows for other part time work to be done if they so wish but not coming in every morning and doing a little bit of football in the morning and that makes them all full timers – it costs the club too much money and I am not going to name any clubs – every club can run itself as it sees fit but that is not the model we see practical – unless you are getting crowds of 3,000 to 4,000 we don’t see the how the numbers can work.”

    Jim Spence – In terms of the Managerial appointment would you hope to make it soon? 

    I hope not before a week on Sunday because that’s the day of the play-offs final and we want to be there. Nothing will happen until after the play offs. We have got an excellent couple of guys who will be in charge throughout the play off process and at this point in time 100% of my thought is in supporting these two chaps to do the best for Alloa Athletic Football Club. I would imagine immediately thereafter we would look at what we are going to do but we will not make any kind of decision and we probably won’t even interview or speak to anybody directly unt il the process finishes. So if that is Saturday then I would imagine we will start on Monday and if it’s a week on Sunday it would be the Monday after. In the meantime Brown Ferguson and Scott Walker are the guys we have the confidence in and we supporting them throughout the play offs.”

    Transmitted on BBC Radio Scotland Programme – Beyond the SPL. On Thursday 12th May, 2011

     Season Tickets are valid at todays play-off semi-final 2nd leg

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