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    Sunday, October 30, 2016 6:31:26 PM
    Frustration was the overriding feeling as "The Wasps" were held to a goalless draw by Albion Rovers at the Indodrill Stadium. Although Jim Goodwin's side were the dominant force throughout, the Rovers defence stoos resolute and tried to snatch victory on the break.
    Jon Robertson's header goes just over the bar
    Ball would just not drop kindly

    The closet the game came to a goal was when Jason Marr's header struck the post before a last ditch clearance scrambled the ball away from goal with the Alloa captain claiming the ball had crossed the line.

    Jason Marr header hits the post
    Jason Marr believes the ball had crossed the line
    It wasn't the result manager Jim Goodwin had hoped for in his first home game as player / manager, it seemed if the players could get one goal, more would follow but sadly it wasn't to be on the day.
    Scott Taggart appeared to be pulled to the ground in box
    Substitute Jamie Longworth tries late shot at goal


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