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    Competitive friendly 

    Thursday, July 14, 2016 5:13:14 PM
    There were lots of familiar faces as Paul Hartley returned to the Indodrill Stadium with his Dundee squad for what was to turn out a very competive pre season friendly. Michael Duffy, who had been on loan to "The Wasps" last season from Celtic, took little time to impress at his new club and put Paul Hartley's side 1-0 ahead after only ten minutes. Ten minutes later Jim Goodwin headed home at the near post to score an equaliser for the home side and later in the half he produced the games, must see incident when he tackled both the Dundee player and also brought down referee Craig Charleston. Although the game produced no more goals in was an all action game with plenty of good football on display.
    Teams - Alloa Athletic : 1. Neil Parry 2. Scott Taggart 3. Calum Waters 4. Andy Graham 5. Ryan Hoggan 6. Jim Goodwin 7. Kevin Cawley 8. Graeme Holmes 9. Isaac Layne 10. Greig Spence 11. Jordan Kilpatrick  12. Iain Flannigan (11) 45m 14. Lewis Wilson (6) 75m 15. Trialist-Ross McKinnon (5) 66m 16. Trialist-Lewis Baker (10) 66m 17. Scott Hynd GK. Craig McDowall
    Dundee: 1. Scott Bain 30. Cameron Kerr 16. Julen Etxabeguren 6. Darren O'Dea 3. Kevin Holt 7. Greg Stewart 14. Mark O'Hara 7. Nick Ross 33. Craig Wighton 9. Roy Loy 10. Michael Duffy  Subs: 11. Danny Williams (9) 45m 19. Yordi Teijsse (7) 45m 24. Andy Black 25. Sam Drysden 29. Gary Harkins (17) 45m GK. David Mitchell (1) 45m
    Michael Duffy returns to Indodrill Stadium
    Another familiar face, Scott Bain collects cross ball
    Jim Goodwin heads in equalising goal 1-1
    Jim Goodwin celebrates his 1st goal for "The Wasps"
    Iain Flannigan goes past Craig Wighton
    Calum Waters pushing forward into Dundee half
    Isaac Layne is unfortunate with this effort
    Paul Hartley & Paddy Connolly at end

    Managers Corner