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    Jack Ross introduced to press 

    Tuesday, December 15, 2015 5:45:20 PM
    Jack Ross, the new manager of Alloa Athletic FC is introduced to Press by Alloa Chairman Mike Mulraney
    First of all congratulations to Jack, you must be delighted to get back into football?
    I am delighted to get back into football as quickly and am very fortunate to be given this opportunity, very excited about it as well, although I have been involved in the game for a long time playing, then coaching as well this is the first opportunity I have been given to manage on my own and I am hugely grateful for that and looking forward to it.
    Quite a big Challenge for your first job?
    It is, which is usually the case when you get the opportunity in management it is in difficult circumstances so that is no surprise and it certainly is not an insurmountable challenge which I have experienced in the past with Dumbarton, indeed it was even worse, so it is not an impossible situation, coming in and knowing the challenge in front makes it even more exciting.
    Do you see a lot of similarities as before with Dumbarton?
    Certainly the division they are playing in, which is even tougher now than when I was playing in it with the circumstances of some of the bigger clubs now playing in the Championship and I will certainly look back to how working with Ian Murray we achieved successful results, hopefully I will be able to implicate some of the same ideas and get the same results.
    Ironic that your first game is against one of your former clubs?
    Probably the longer you are in the game the higher the chances of that happening, I would have liked it to be Ian Murray in the opposition dug out as he is a close friend of mine and disappointed for him at the moment, so it is slightly ironic, we then play Falkirk in a couple of weeks and I spent even longer at that club, it’s a little to the games but there will be very few people left at the clubs from my time with them which is the nature of the game now.
    Saturday’s result would have made things brighter before you came here?
    It was very important for the players and they will gather some belief from that and the result was against Livingston, the team closest to us in the league. I was at the game and the manner of the performance shows the players are more than capable of picking up positive results and going on a run, because we need to do that, we are at the halfway stage of the season where we could do with winning 3 games out of 5 to give us the opportunity to propel ourselves up the league.
    The Gap at the bottom is now only 3 points with a long way to go?
    It is do able, small steps but we have to aim for the team immediately above of which is Livingston, so that is the first target and if you can catch them the team above becomes the next target and so on, hopefully that is the case. It you weren’t looking at the table and just listened to the comments you would think it is mission impossible, it is certainly not that - I look at the fixtures and look to where we can pick up points and it gives you encouragement.
    Will you be looking to bring in your own staff?
    I intent to work with Paddy Connolly, coming in during the season can be more challenging but it is different than if I were coming in and having time to prepare, so Paddy has been here a number of years and enjoyed a hugely successful period for the club, I know him as well so I have no doubts he will be a huge help to me, especially that he knows the club very well and the players, maybe in the fullness of time I might look at bringing in another pair of hands but just now I have someone very capable in that position.
    Important for you to quickly assess squad with Transfer Window coming up?
    I think so, I was lucky to have been able to be at Livingston game and I am familiar with most if not all of the players, some more than others, so that will help me and I certainly will not be threatening wholesale changes, but I see my job as trying to get the best out of the players we have, that is the challenge to begin with and I am confident I can get the best out of the players at the club.
    What style of football can the Alloa fans expect?
    Winning football, from my own experience in football I could sit and tell you I will play this way or that but what I need to do is find ways to win football matches, the style might not always go down well with everybody but it is what competitive sport is like - find a way to win.
    You got back in football very quickly was it odd not being involved?
    I have spent my time watching games, I had that little period initially when I thought I might not bother but other people told me to go and watch games and I did it across every league, apart from the Premier League as I had seen a lot of them this season with Hearts, going not as a fan but as an observer but it just makes you more hungrier to get back involved.
    Sitting in the dugout at Tynecastle was high profile, do you think it helped you get this job?
    I don’t think Alloa Chairman Mike Mulraney would be influenced by that but it helped me as a coach working with both part-time and full-time players at a really big club, I didn’t realise how big a club Hearts are until I worked there.
    So was it a big disappointment to leave Hearts?
    When you work in professional football you need to acknowledge the game is always about opinions as a player, manager or coach, sometimes they go for you sometimes against, that is part of the job, you might get bruised a little bit but you dust yourself down and try and look for the next challenge if you don’t want the next you need to look for a other career.
    Mike, what was the main qualities you saw in Jack Ross?
    It is important to us at this time that the manager selected had some experience of The Championship, it is a difficult task to come in midseason and I think because Jack had worked in this league before, you are asked as a chairman, why? Out of seventy odd candidates and sometimes it is the man you believe is going to fit well at your club and I believe Jack Ross will fit well into what we believe Alloa Athletic is about, there were some excellent candidates and Jack was the man we wanted. Will you be happy to back him in the coming months?
    As always, we are Alloa Athletic we know where we are and where we are at and know we what to get better, we have a transfer window coming up and I’m sure we will have some small amount of movement taking place but that is up to Jack to pick his team, decide what squad he wants and we will try and support him as best as possible.
    Jack, what memories do you have of games against Alloa Athletic?
    Anytime I have been to Alloa it has always been as an opposition player or coach, so the only parts of the ground I have seen is the away dressing room, tunnel and the pitch, when I was at Clyde, Alloa were a very strong team when their star player was Willie Irvine and they had terrific cup results under Terry Christie. In recent times what Alloa and Dumbarton have achieved is fantastic in a league like the Championship, to try and maintain that not forgetting to embrace their fan base and the people who come along and back them on a weekly basis, at a club like Dumbarton and I’m sure at Alloa it is great to get the know the supporters, not in a patronising way because of their small numbers it is just the way it works at these clubs so it is important to engage with these people and allow them the opportunity to put over their view point as well, because the clubs supporters will be at the club long after any manager.
    Mike, this will be Jack’s first job in management, it is a good show of faith? We have done it before, I’m not frightened to give people a chance, getting the right person is what’s important, it is the man we employ not always the CV, he was one of the men we wanted to work with and were very happy he applied, everyone’s got to start in management at some time and hopefully this is the right day for Jack. Everybody remembers us giving Paul Hartley his start in management but Barry Smith and Danny Lennon all had great success at this club by keeping us in the Championship, so we seem to be picking well and hopefully we believe we have done so again.
    Jack, is this the biggest challenge you have had in your career?
    Of course it is the biggest challenge in my coaching and managerial career because it is the first opportunity to manage on my own. I quite like proving people wrong, I don’t mean that in a sensational way, so people go through football and everything falls into place others have to find different paths I have already read quotes from people who have already written the club off in terms of its place in the Championship - that’s a motivation for me for the players and everybody involved at the club.

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