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    Football Remembers 

    Friday, December 05, 2014 5:09:31 PM


     5-8 December 2014 – ‘A Moment in History’ mixed team photo

     Protocol for Clubs and Referees

    Background to Football Remembers

     ‘Football Remembers’ is a series of programmes and events being delivered jointly by the English Premier League, the English FA and the English Football League, in partnership with the British Council, to commemorate the First World War. The SPFL has been asked, and the SPFL Board has agreed, to participate and give its support to the ‘Moment in History’ mixed team photograph activity across the weekend of 5-8 December 2014.

    Prior to the matches that take place across the SPFL (and the English Premier League, English Championship and English FA Cup) between 5 and 8 December 2014 there will be a mixed team photo.

    All 22 players who start each match will pose together with the Match Officials for a group photograph in celebration of the spirit of the Christmas Truce football matches of 1914.

    The photograph is to take place immediately after the ceremonial hand shake (at those matches when a ceremonial handshake takes place) and immediately prior to the match kicking off. Both teams should congregate either side of the Match Officials with players from the two sides mixed together

    ‘This weekend sees the start of ‘Football Remembers Week’. Over the next seven days there are a series of events being organised across the UK to commemorate one of the most iconic moments of the First World War, the 1914 Christmas Truce football matches.

    To celebrate the spirit of the Christmas Truce football matches of 1914, football teams across the UK are being asked to have a pre-match group photograph taken together and upload them via social media with the hashtag #FootballRemembers. Visit the website FootballRemembers.com.





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