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    Chairman praises manager 

    Friday, December 05, 2014 4:56:42 PM
    Alloa chairman Mike Mulraney has paid tribute to Barry Smith for the work he has done since taking over from Paul Hartley at the club.

    The Wasps supremo billed last week’s triumph over Rangers as the greatest single win in the club’s history, and Mulraney reckons Smith deserves all the credit in the world for masterminding the historic success, claiming people will still be talking about it in 20 years time.

    “When Barry came in he had big boots to fill and fortunately for us he has got big feet. He came in at a difficult time, managed to keep us up, and is doing a fantastic job. It’s his team now and you can see that on the park. It is a team which reflects Barry Smith. We will always be grateful to Paul for the great job he did but this is Barry’s team now. As a single game it’s the biggest victory we have ever had. It’s the one people will still be talking about in 10 or 20 years time. I always say that Cup games are fantastic diversions from the important business of the league. The result on Wednesday night simply reflects what we can do. It has shown Scotland that when Alloa play well we can beat anybody, we can give anyone a game. At 2-0 down I thought we were in real trouble but once we got our first I thought we had a real chance. Special mention must go to Barry Smith, who still managed to get a result of these boys with nine top team stars missing and I thought we looked fantastic.”

    Mulraney believes their success is something for the whole town to enjoy and he hopes they have gained some new fans after stunning Scottish football live on BBC television.

    He said: “In terms of our club history, we had never beaten an old firm team. We drew with them twice already this year, but I thought this time we were worth our win. The promotion into this league over Dunfermline was special, then to stay in the league last season was even bigger for us, but in the context of Alloa Athletic this is our biggest ever win. I think it is great that the whole of Scotland got to watch that and learn about the fact that we are good enough that Rangers haven’t beat us in three attempts. Hopefully we will pick up some new fans from this result and they come out to support us as we continue to build the club.”

    The successful local businessman, who is currently a member of the SPFL board, was quick to point out it is the club’s survival in the SPFL Championship that is most important to them, but he hopes this result will now help to kick them on in the league.

    Mulraney added: “The cups are fantastic for us, but we are all about the league business because survival is crucial to us here at Alloa Athletic. We want to stay in this league, but what this win does do, is proof to the nation that we deserve to be at this level. We have a great management team and a real talented squad here so it is great that we were able to showcase that on such a big occasion. It shows we were here on merit. With the bunch of guys we have got I believe we can easily hold our own in the Championship. We have got an outstanding squad of players.”


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