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    School of Football 

    Monday, October 20, 2014 4:38:19 PM
    Alva Academy's S1 School of Football took up an offer of a training session at the Indodrill Stadium last week.  A squad of 16 were taken by Alloa Athletic Head of Youth Development, Graeme Liveston and Alloa Athletic Manager, Barry Smith.  "Great Session" was the response from the lads..  Barry took them through an exercise to get them thinking of that final drive towards goal.  The session was rounded off with a question and answer opportunity with Barry. They asked some great questions which allowed Barry to talk about various aspects of his career to date.  Barry also made it clear that while football is obviously important to them all, you have to get your qualifications too!
    The School of Football is part of the school's "Sporting Futures" Programme which offers an enhanced provision in six sports as they are taken by specialist coaches. The whole programme is underpinned By the Scottish F.A.'s slogan "Person First - Player Second" as we seek to develop the whole person as well as their range of skills. Alloa Athletic are an official partner to the School of Football and the programme in general.

    Other sports included are Badminton, Dance, Hockey, Rugby and Table Tennis.  This offers a wide variety to have the widest appeal in a drive towards healthy options for our pupils.  We are grateful to all our partners especially those already mentioned and our sports development team. Finally to the Big Lottery Fund who have greatly assisted getting the project off the ground.

    Ian Ash, Alva Academy

    Managers Corner