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    Show Racism Red Card 

    Friday, October 17, 2014 5:12:02 PM

    Show Racism the Red Card Annual Fortnight of Action
    Between 9th - 23rd October, 2014

    During this two week period all Scottish Professional Football League teams, as well as the Scottish Women’s Premier League, Scottish Women’s Football League and Scottish Junior Super League teams will be united in calling for an end to racism in football and wider Scottish Society.

    The Fortnight of Action in Scotland makes a stand against racism. There is a pressing need at this time for communities to unite and stress anti-racism messages. Show Racism the Red Card is a partner of the Football Against Racism in Europe (FARE) network and is proud to contribute to the annual FARE Football peoples action weeks.

    “The Football People action weeks unites supporters, clubs, ethnic minorities and communities affected by discrimination across the continent in a concerted effort to make discrimination a thing of the past.” (FARE)

     The Fortnight of Action got underway with a challenge football match between ex-professional footballers and representatives from the Scottish media.

    Welcome to Show Racism the Red Card’s annual Fortnight of Action. The 2014 Fortnight of Action will again make a stand against both racism and sectarianism. We believe that it is vital to highlight the anti-sectarian message as well as the anti-racism message at this time. All professional clubs will take a stand against both racism and sectarianism at a home game during the fortnight.


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