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    Paul Hartley after derby draw 

    Saturday, October 12, 2013 3:46:59 PM

    I thought it was a really good game, I thought our application, attitude and work ethic was brilliant and another clean sheet, that’s five in our nine league games, so pleased with the performance. Scott Bain again had an excellent game, he was really good, I have said over the past two and a half year since he came here from Aberdeen, but I do believe he is getting even better, he has moved up a division this season, he is a top young goalkeeper, he is only 21 and has played over 100 games at that age, there are not too many goalkeepers have played at this level, week in and week out, a lot of them are number two’s, his handling was great, his presence he came and caught everything and when we needed him he made vital saves at vital times, I wouldn’t stand in his way, we are not a club to keep players back, the boy could look to go full time, he was my first signing from Aberdeen – he is a brilliant kid, he is learning all the time and it is doing him the whole of good to get all these games under his belt but he will eventually move and when that day comes there is no way we would stand in his way, that’s for sure. It was a typical local derby and we were good in the battle, we said that was our game plan to ruffle them up, to get in against their good players and make it awkward for them. Most of the teams in this league have a huge advantage over us being part time but it didn’t show today, not with the fitness levels that we have got. The game was end to end at times, there was chances, good action and meaty tackles, but that is what a derby game is all about, we said that to the players before the game “Don’t forget that it is a derby and make sure you are ready for it, the battle, and be in for the 50/50’s”. As we come to the end of the first quarter teams have done their homework on us, it shows they are paying attention to what we can do – but I thought overall I thought the players were great, I’ve got a really good bunch of guys in there.

    Paul Hartley 

    Managers Corner