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    Paul Hartley at Gayfield 

    Sunday, May 05, 2013 4:03:13 PM

    Scott’s goal is what dreams are made of, he is possibly one of the youngest players to have ever scored, which is an incredible achievement.  It was instinct the goal he scored, he anticipated the ball was hitting of the post and he reacted quickly – it was great for him, the look on his face was brilliant.  He is still a school kid in the middle of exams – it was a tough game to come on to.  He played last week and did well and that is why we included him in the squad again today. Young Lee McLelland came on earlier in the second half and he did well also at only 16 years.  Sometimes you make decisions and sometimes they can work and other times they don’t.  It was a poor game because of the conditions but you can’t do much with the weather.  I thought we defended well – we were resilient – we need that for Wednesday and our next two games, but for the young man to score it was just brilliant.  We are doing okay, now that we are in the play offs we are just trying to build the momentum and get a winning mentality we have got two tough games, two games to try and get to the final, we will give it our best shot, try and win the games and attack. We will do that on Wednesday night, we will not be going to Glebe Park to sit back, we will look to attack and try and win the game. We want to reach the final and see where it takes us, if you get there you always have a chance. We will give Brechin the greatest respect, Ray McKinnon has done a tremendous job, but we think on our day we are good enough to beat anybody who is put in front of us, but we have two hard games in front of us, we will have a go in both games and see where it takes us.

    We came here today to win the game and get three more points, but the conditions took there toll at times. The Arbroath goal which was disallowed was a clear hand ball, I don’t think the referee spotted it, it was the linesman who alerted him, the pressure was on Arbroath to win the game to get into the play offs, we had already done our business but we wanted to win the game. Pleased for Craig McDowall, he had a couple of really good saves in the second half, but our back four was resolute, albeit a new back four partnership – they did well, all the players did well considering the conditions – it wasn’t a great game to watch, we understand that, but it was the same for both teams.

    Paul Hartley

    Managers Corner