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    Paul Hartley after defeating league leaders 

    Tuesday, December 11, 2012 8:03:21 PM

    We had a great desire to win the game, we can play better in possession of the ball but our commitment was different class for not to get beat our back four, midfield four and two forwards all had to work their socks off, I said that tonight to stand any chance of winning the game we would have to work harder than them, and we did. We had the two best chances in the first half, they had a lot of possession but I thought we dealt with it properly. We are happy with the win, the players are excellent, great commitment, they keep going, they never give up – great result. Darren was struggling with his groin tonight, it was touch and go to play him tonight, he pulled up in training last week and I was in two minds wither to start him tonight but he is a good captain to have in our team, he has great work ethic and people look up to him and his good attitude for the game, but the players were excellent from start to finish this evening. Ryan McCord “Pongo” took the penalty well, he is good at it he has done it before, he has the quality and the ability, calm under pressure, pleased with the win. Queen’s are a good team, they have good players but it was nice for us to try to keep in touch and we have shown we are good enough to beat anybody on our day. Our two centre halves were different class, they has good experience, they were strong, aggressive and know how to defend – that’s what back fours are, not guys who go forward all the time but as a back four the need to defend first and foremost, it is great for them to get a clean sheet , that’s just as good as scoring a goal for them at the other end.

    Paul Hartley

    Managers Corner