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    Paul Hartley after Dundee Utd friendly 

    Tuesday, July 24, 2012 7:24:46 PM

    It was a good workout for the boys, a real good test for us, Dundee United are a good team they have some good players, exciting players – but I thought my team matched them, just that wee bit of quality in front of the goals and you get punished if you make mistakes.
    Overall our preparation for the start of the season is good, I’m pleased with the players, I thought their attitude was great, their fitness, their ability, everything and I think we are now ready to go, we have done all the hard work over the last five weeks and that was a great test for us tonight, that’s why I did that, to try and get a good test before the first game of the season , so I’m pleased the way things are going, the real test will come on Saturday now. Peter Houston has done a great job, he has good players, exciting players with energy and ability, I said to my younger players before the game that United are a type of team that have looked at the lower leagues in the past few years and got players from it – this place is only a stepping stone for the younger guys here at the club as they attain to try and go to a higher level and there is no way I would stand in their way to progress their careers in the game, so this was a perfect opportunity for them to go and test themselves against a good team, you never know what can happen.
    Looking forward to Saturday, I never like to set any targets, I think it would be stupid to do that, we will have a go for the full season and see where it takes us , we are new to the league, a year older as a team and have three or four new players brought in, we know how we play, we have a certain style of football that we try and play – we will certainly go and have a go every single week , that’s for sure and then by the end of it hopefully can be successful. We will look to go and compete but tonight’s test against a good Dundee United team was certainly a very worthwhile exercise.

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