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    Manager Previews East Fife Game 

    Friday, September 19, 2008 2:03:05 AM

    Six games played and only one victory is not good enough and we are all fully aware of the fact that we need to improve quickly. Last Saturday’s defeat at Stirling Albion was desperately disappointing for many reasons, not least of which was the fact that they are our local rivals. We started the game well and Dougie scored a wonderful goal, which should have given us the platform to go and play but for some bizarre reason we sat in and allowed them into the game. We then conceded three very soft goals with poor defending and managed to make Stirling look like a right good football team until Andy Ferguson scored right on half time. Despite plenty of effort in the second half we didn’t manage to work their keeper and our frustration became very apparent. Having complained for so long about injuries I can offer no excuses for our display last Saturday and don’t intend to do so. I believe that we have an excellent squad of players at this club and know we are capable of so much more than we’ve provided so far. I understand the frustration that players have when things are not going well and how much it can affect their confidence but I have complete faith in their ability and it’s absolutely vital that we all work together as a team to turn things round.
    Today we welcome David Baikie to the “Recs” along with his coaches, players, directors and of course the supporters of East Fife for what should be a good game of football as we both look to kick start our season. With the investment in their squad I have no doubt that Davie expects his side to be doing better and they will be just as keen as us to succeed today. Their match at Raith Rovers was a game I’m sure they’d like to have won (and they had a great opportunity late in the game to do so) but will equally feel that they could easily have lost it with Willie McCulloch producing heroics saving two penalties. East Fife have so many attacking options with Dean Shields, Paul McManus, Stevie Crawford, Craig O’Reilly, Chris Templeman and Bobby Linn all capable of being the top scorer in this league and certainly able to win a game at any time if given the chance. They have so many good players that it is only a matter of time until they go on a good run of results and I have no doubt they’ll finish in the top four at the end of the season. It will feel strange for Davie to have so many good players at his disposal after previously working wonders at clubs where funds were at a premium but he knows football and I know he will manage that transformation successfully.
    Last Saturday was the first time that we have had Brown Ferguson, David McClune, Dougie Wilson and Andy Ferguson all available at the same time and they will have benefitted enormously from the 90 minutes and will make a huge difference to our team. In my opinion we have not yet reached the standards set last season and we are certainly not working hard enough as a team but this comes by being united and fostering a team spirit that turns defeat into victory when least expected – we’re not there yet but it will come.

    Finally I wish to thank you for your patience and hope we can provide you with the result you deserve.

    As always I thank you for your support.


    Allan Maitland - Team Manager

    Managers Corner