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    Manager after Airdrie United game 19th April, 2008 

    Tuesday, April 22, 2008 4:40:40 PM


    In the games we have played against Airdrie this season, they have been miles better than us and we are still trying to clinch a play off spot, and I know the Airdrie fans don’t like it but it was important today that we got close enough to get a tackle in, never mind make a tackle today, so we were determined early in the game that we got close enough to stop giving them the time on the ball they have had in the other games against us when they destroyed us and I thought our work rate was magnificent , playing against a good side and even though we have got to get a result against Airdrie we needed to ride our luck with the two shots which came back of the post. At least today we forced them to score a really good goal to get a point and it was a great finish from Bryan Prunty but our guys worked really hard, scored a really good goal from Kyle, had other chances I have to say, Graeme Brown right through then the incident with the pass back, Scott Agnew clean through also his header in the first half and the final chance when the goal keeper was penalised for carrying the ball outside his area but I think a draw was probably the best we deserved but for sheer effort alone I thought it was well worth it. It’s a magnificent result for us and sets us up nicely for next week. Strangely enough this is the third end of season I have been here, and in every season we have had a game at the end of season which has really meant something to us, usually it is to avoid relegation – this season it is to try and get us in the promotional play offs. We are delighted to be fourth at this stage of the season after 35 games and we hope to be fourth after 36 games. I think it is fair to say that Airdrie themselves have given us incentives to get a result because I know Airdrie think they are miles better than us and that’s fair comment based on the results we have had this year but our guys have got their holidays to look forward to at the end of season, and win bonuses etc are vital to us – so any incentive we can get from Airdrie or anyone else we will take it. It’s been a great day for us.  

    Allan Maitland

    Managers Corner