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    Allan Maitland after Forfar game 

    Sunday, February 13, 2011 3:43:46 AM

    I think to be fair Forfar started the game really well and we dominated the last twenty minutes of the first half but there was nothing much in the first half neither goalkeeper had any real saves to make and a 0-0 we were very much in the game but as soon as we lose a goal the lack of confidence shows in our team and I think that’s exactly what happened and the goal comes from the fact we are shooting and they block it and two passes later that was a goal for them, that should not be the case but we have been throwing away goals all season and as soon as that happened they got a boost from it and we took a knock from it and lack of confidence showed and they then scored a great strike for the second goal and the third goal probably just summed up our day, no tackles a cut back goal – so we are obviously playing with very little confidence, it’s a difficult time for us, but all we can do is work at it, make sure we work at it, we have good players at the club and hopefully we will get through it – we would like to be in a situation where we can get one victory to put this run to an end or even to get a draw in a game would be a bonus at the moment and hopefully then try and build on that but its difficult, the players are obviously feeling it, supporters are quite rightly getting frustrated but at times like this all you can do is work harder and harder and hopefully it will come for you, so that’s all we can do, we play Forfar again on Tuesday night so we will get the opportunity to quickly rectify it , but at the moment we just need to get a wee break that just gets us a lead and hopefully our concentration level will be better and confidence will then rise again, but looking at the last half hour of the game Forfar Athletic deserved their victory.

    Allan Maitland – Team Manager

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