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    Allan Maitland after Livingston game 

    Monday, December 27, 2010 4:10:27 PM

    Two points dropped for us today – I know Livingston played well in the game but in a game again where we were winning we have such a terrible tendency for just sitting in and no matter how much we try to get the players up the park it is killing us, we are allowing the other teams to have far too much possession and it is really killing the centre of the park and our midfielders are finding it really difficult, then of course when Livingston scored an equalising goal we then start to play the game again at their end of the park and create another three chances and gave ourselves a chance to win the game – but it shouldn’t need for the other team to equalise for that to happen – and that has been the problem for us all season. I keep trying to address it – today I put Jamie Hay in that area to try and help us and he done really well for the first 60 minutes or so of the game then he took a knock after that but again the more the game gets stretched the less effective your strikers become in the game and the more difficult it becomes for the middle of the park. Having said that I think we had enough chances to win the game at two each we had great chances from Michael McGowan and Stuart Noble, and then Jim Lister’s effort pulling out a great save from Tony Bullock to keep us out. It looked as though we had got out of the storm in the opening 15 minutes of the second half and then they scored a great free kick – it was a good game of football two each is a very disappointing result from us, getting two points from the last three games, when I think we have played really well at times and ending up scoring six goals at home and only taking two points from the three games is not just reward for their efforts, but it is probably just reward for the way we have been defending in these games. I thought it was a great game of football and Livingston played really well, I think we should have won it but we will just need to try and find a way of getting a result and making sure we go on a run of results that are going to win games for us – we don’t quite have that formula yet – I know we are 16 games into the season but we need to find it and find it quick.

    Allan Maitland - Team Manager

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