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    Allan Maitland after Peterhead defeat 

    Monday, September 27, 2010 4:04:08 PM

    Let’s start by saying I’m not happy to get beat, not at all happy! We have players at the moment who are feeling really aggrieved, aggrieved about the referee I must say, the referee has not had a terrible game but we have a situation when we have had players booked today and Peterhead have had none.We were not any worse than the opposition today in that our tackles during the game, there was a deliberate handball at the edge of the box, no booking? They were going through our players on the far side, don’t get booked, we foul, it’s a booking. The goal comes from a foul on the halfway line, there is no doubt that David Gormley gets fouled on the halfway line but the referee allows the play to carry on, they go up the park and score. I think the referee got the penalty correct, although our guys are aggrieved, we had players booked for dissent, because they are saying to the referee “What’s going on ref,

    I don’t feel we are getting a fair crack of the whip” – booking. So we feel aggrieved about that, however that’s not what lost us the game, the reason we lost the game is we didn’t do enough. In the first half with the wind at our back, we have to ask questions, we didn’t do that, we allowed the first 45 minutes to pass us bye, the second half I thought we played much better, we had chances and Jim Lister should have scored, we had balls in the box giving us opportunities in the second half and then we lost a late goal, which I will say again was a foul, but it was a great run and a great cross to allow the header, Peterhead are always capable of scoring goals, so when we come here we must make sure we score as well, but we didn’t do that, didn’t do enough, very aggrieved about it and it’s a long journey home.
    Allan Maitland – Team Manager

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