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    Allan Maitland after Livingston match 

    Saturday, August 07, 2010 5:14:41 PM

    Allan Maitland after Livingston Game


    I want to start by saying how disappointed I am in how we played and give credit to Livingston I thought they were excellent from the start, obviously for us we felt the first 20 minutes would have been really important in the game and in a minute and a half we were a goal down and in, twenty minutes 2-0 down and in all fairness at half time it could have been any score.  I thought Livingston played really well, the front two plus Bobby Barr really caused us real problems – I had a few choice words at half time obviously, but I felt that we contributed to our own downfall with the defending  - first goal awful, second goal dreadful, third goal we didn’t get any better I have to say - at least in the second half when Jim Lister came on his presence up the park, and the ball started sticking up the park we had good support coming from the middle of the park Darren Smith scored a fantastic goal which  gives us a lift and then when Bryan Prunty scored a goal when Cameron MacDonald made a defensive error and Prunty pounced.  We got ourselves back into the game – not by playing well but by sheer persistence.  We then managed to give away a third goal and could have lost another  - I was very pleased to get ourselves back into the game with a penalty kick which shows a bit of spirit I have to say – you know for all I am critiscing the way we played at least the team showed a bit of spirit to get themselves back into the game but they didn't deserve a point today, on the day Livingston were better than us  so we are thankful for the point.  I think the game was typified with two things one is we lose a goal in the first couple of minutes  when we wanted to try and make life difficult for them and by the end of the game we get a corner kick when it is 3 each and we charge up the park trying to score a winner in a day when quite frankly we were awful we should have accepted that, taken a short corner and tried to play out time instead of that Livingston got a great break and could have scored a 4th goal which was only prevented with Declan McAvoy redeeming himself by clearing off the line.  It’s a great point but not a great day for us so we need to improve dramatically if we are going to do anything this year. 


    Allan Maitland - Team Manager

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