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    Allan Maitland after CIS Cup tie 

    Monday, August 02, 2010 4:55:32 PM

     Allan Maitland after East Stirling Game

    Well we are through to the next round which is the most important thing, East Stirling played really well at the beginning of the game and deserved to go ahead and were a wee bit unlucky not to score another one but our goalkeeper had two or three fantastic saves, but scoring the goal just before half time was important for us a great finish from Bryan Prunty and for half an hour in the second half we controlled the game really well and created chances but didn`t score them, then during the last 15 minutes they have gone for it, and had the chance that came back of  the bar from John Neil, we are pleased to go through and and it was a good exercise maybe later in the season I would hope we would deal with it better but obviously very pleased to win.
    What I would say and it is no disrespect to anybody but when you are playing a really important cup tie for both teams I can`t believe in this day and age we don’t have ball boys, you should not have goalkeepers and players running all about the place going for balls. And with all due respect any club that is a disgrace and should not be allowed, so I know it`s a gripe and it`s a petty thing but it better said when we have won instead of getting beat.
    At half time I was asking the referee why their guy never got sent off, I thought the tackle on Kevin McDonald was as clear a red card as you will ever see an d the disappointing thing about that is they have a guy that clatters one of ours and I think it`s a red card - maybe the referee doesn`t think so but we end up with two players booked and they end with two players booked how  that is right I don`t think that’s right, but anyway I think the referee handled the game really well.
    Good exercise it`s a strange thing playing football on a Sunday I have got to say. Genuinely very pleased to go through and we will see how it goes from here I think there is a lot more to come from my team and perhaps the most important thing in the game today was Bryan Prunty`s finish if you need a goal just before half time and your striker scores without having to take another touch just puts it in the bottom corner these are the things that change games hopefully there will be plenty more of them to come.
    Our goalkeeper I thought was excellent today with three great saves in the game, first half in the bottom corner one in second half when it was one each with the guy right through and one four minutes from the end. It`s been a great day for us.
    Allan Maitland – Team Manager

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