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    Allan Maitland previews Cowdenbeath game 

    Saturday, May 01, 2010 2:59:29 AM

    Today we welcome Danny Lennon, Ian Jenkins, the coaches, players, Directors and supporters of Cowdenbeath Football Club for what is the final league match of both our seasons. The game has the possibility of having high drama but it could have been so much more had Cowdenbeath not lost a goal 5 minutes into stoppage time on Tuesday night against Stirling Albion. That goal prevented them from having the opportunity of winning the league themselves but it cannot disguise the fact that Cowdenbeath have had a magnificent season and have promotion very much in their sights via the play offs.
    The game against Stirling was the second time in 8 days that Danny’s side have lost a three goal half time lead and I suspect the memory of the first match was still very much in their minds when they lost the second goal on Tuesday. Danny has been my vote for the manager of the season for the second division and I wish him well in the play offs but obviously not at our expenses.
    The last three games for us have been a major disappointment with defeats against Brechin, Dumbarton and Peterhead at a time when we knew that two wins would probably have been enough to secure the title – I wish I could pinpoint the reason for the defeats but ultimately we’ve lost the games due to our own failings on the day, in terms of losing soft goals and not controlling enough of the game. Having said that I felt we played well in long stages at Peterhead last Saturday and lost two goals against the run of play and met a keeper in inspired form who denied Stuart Noble and Bryan Prunty at crucial times in the game.
    Our task today is simple - we need to win and hope that Brechin can beat Stirling Albion – if that happens then we can enjoy a party that will last for days on end. If that doesn’t happen then we can look forward to two further games against Cowdenbeath on Wednesday and Saturday, which will be our 7th and 8th games against each other this season.
    I know that the last three games have been hugely disappointing but I believe that we have had a great season and shown fantastic improvement on our previous years at the club. If anyone suggested at the beginning of the season that we would have a chance on the last day of winning the league then we would be thrilled at the prospect and that is how we need to approach today’s game. Nothing matters other than winning today and hoping that things go our way at Brechin – there have been so many cases when that has happened in unlikely circumstances, Celtic losing at Motherwell for Rangers to win the league and Hearts losing at Dundee allowing Celtic to win the league are two that spring to mind. Stranger things have happened and within our squad we have the belief that today could still be our day.
    Injuries to Mark Brown and Brown Ferguson have come at a terrible time and seriously affected our midfield, especially with John Grant still trying to catch up with the pace of the game after his suspension. I have been very pleased however to welcome Mark Gilhaney back to the squad and the fact that he is so fresh at this stage of the season is a huge boost. Having David McClune back from suspension is also good timing and he was sorely missed last week.

    Our support at Peterhead was excellent and I wish we could have given you more to cheer.

    I hope you all enjoy today’s game.

    Allan Maitland

    Managers Corner