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    Allan Maitland after Dumbarton game 

    Saturday, April 17, 2010 5:21:41 PM

    Allan Maitland after Dumbarton Game

    It’s a strange time to start losing home games, but that comes with anxiety of being at the top of the league, today we came against a Dumbarton side that I thought played really well, particularly in the first half and deservedly went ahead, but I am expecting my experienced players to get us through these days and what I don’t expect is my experienced players to get themselves sent off so quickly after having been booked and I think that absolutely killed us. In the second half we showed great spirit and got ourselves back into the game with a penalty kick which looked a soft one – I thought we had two better claims after that to be fair, I thought Stuart Noble had a great chance but Michael White made a great save on the line and at that time we had the momentum of the game – we then lost a really strange and soft goal when we should have cleared it –however, it needed a good shout and someone to take charge, but we didn’t clear it properly and they scored and as people say goals change games and that’s exactly what happened. Dumbarton then looked as though they could have scored a third goal and it became more difficult for us but we still have spirit and as long as we still have spirit we still have a chance. We now have a situation where we know we need to go to Peterhead and win, then we have got to try and beat Cowdenbeath and obviously hope that Stirling Albion slip up in the meantime. It was always going to be a difficult game today as it has been against Dumbarton all season, if we don’t win the league it won’t be because we can’t beat Dumbarton, it will be because we have not done enough ourselves. We had got ourselves into a great position and in the last two weeks for whatever reason we have not started the games until we went behind and I think that is exactly what happened today, but we have got spirit and still believe and I have told the guys to go out tonight and have a blow out and get it out of their system and we will come back and train on Tuesday and Thursday and will hopefully go to Peterhead and do better. It’s fair to say today was disappointing and I don’t think we have got anybody to blame but ourselves.

    Allan Maitland – Team Manager

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