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    Saturday, July 26, 2008 6:08:45 AM


    Allan Maitland after Berwick Rangers friendly
    Today was another step forward in our pre season, the game was played in the tempo we wanted to play rather than letting other teams determine how the game will be played, today we did that better, but we are still no where near where we need to be, with only a week to go, we squandered a lot of opportunities to have a shot at goal, or a poor final pass or a lack of movement, but overall I thought we controlled most of the second half, in the first half Berwick Rangers played really well, had a lot of crosses but we defended them well, for our point of view it was a good exercise for Chris Townsley and Dougie Hill having to defend things in their box, there will be a lot worse teams than Berwick Rangers about, I think they have good players, their front two of Fraser McLaren and Darren Gribben can cause problems but we handled them very well. For ourselves today, having Jamie Stevenson back was a boost and he showed what he is capable of doing, what we cannot allow is the spell in the first half of 15-20 minutes when Jamie fell out of the game, we must keep him in the game as much as possible and he will definitely make a difference to us. It is good to see three goals for us and not conceding any, that has to be a good day for us and I don’t have any complaints. Jamie Stevenson has rejoined us on loan from Greenock Morton initially until Christmas and we will see how that works out for us, we tried to make it the whole season but due to his age that is not possible at once. Iain Campbell is unlikely to score a better goal, we had just slaughtered him for a poor free kick and he responds with a beautiful strike, we have three new players plus now Jamie, and all of them contributed today – Pat Scullion played well, Dougie Hill defended well and it was good to see Iain Campbell far enough up the park to hit such a strike for the third goal. At 1-0 the game was still not won and the second goal was the important strike, Joe Andrew reacting fastest to score a real strikers goal. Our two centre backs never gave anything away today, the back four as a whole I am trying to work on them being defensively more secure this season, we lost far too many goals last season, and with Pat Scullion playing just in front of the four, he gives good cover which restricts opposition playing the ball into the feet of their strikers. Happy with today’s performance and the players are looking forward to facing Scottish Premier League opposition in Kilmarnock at Recreation Park on Monday night.

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