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    Allan Maitland at Glebe Park 

    Saturday, February 06, 2010 6:30:04 PM

    When we came to Glebe Park earlier in the season we lost 2-1 and I thought we were excellent and probably in my opinion deserved to win the game, today was a different day, today was a day when I thought Brechin, despite the conditions played better than us and created more chances, our goal keeper was magnificent and I think a point was probably the very least they deserved and you have to be fair and analyse it properly, we didn’t create enough chances in the second half after we scored, but my problem in the game was having scored the goal I thought we were miles too open, and we allowed Brechin to break on us constantly and we were winning the game, it should have been the other way around, we should have been able to defend the lead properly and try and break on them but unfortunately we had too many bodies pouring forward to try and get a second goal, and we should have caused them a bit more problems but Rory McAllister is a handful, our goal keeper and him were having a personal tussle and he deserved his goal, in a game when our goal keeper David Crawford was excellent for us. It was a good game, it was a hard game and for young James Bloom I think it is another lesson for him playing in the second division in a park that was obviously very heavy and he spent half his time on his backside, I don’t think he will wear blades again on days like this, it’s important that we learn – I keep saying we must learn and today was a day for learning for us – it was great to see Stuart Noble scoring his goal – on a different day we might have lost, so it’s a good point but it’s only a good point if we now go and win on Tuesday night against Cowdenbeath, if we take four points from two very difficult games then that would be a great return but we now need to make sure we win, credit to Brechin who on the day played well and considering the conditions I thought it was a decent game.

    Allan Maitland – Team Manager

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