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    Allan Maitland after defeat at Glebe Park 

    Sunday, October 11, 2009 1:27:38 PM

    First and foremost I thought it was a really good game of football and its not often this season I have been able to say that but I thought the two teams were trying to win the game, we started the game really well, scored a magnificent goal and for some reason sat in and allowed them to have a great spell in the game and the penalty kick got them back in the game, the goal was coming for them I thought they had a good spell, then we started playing again and finished the first half quite strongly. However in the second half I thought we absolutely dominated the game, dominated possession, but for all that possession we had great balls going in the box but nobody attacking the ball. I brought Iain Russell to this club to try and get us that killer instinct in front of goals, we had a fantastic ball across the front of the Brechin goal from Scott Agnew which should have been a tap in for anybody in the six yard box but we had nobody attacking these balls. We cannot win games if we are not going to attack the ball and during all this time, Brechin City for their part were still a threat in the game and scored a magnificent goal right at the death to win the game, they had another chance just before they scored and we didn’t defend either of these situations well enough. We wanted to win this game, we were giving it everything we can but you also have to defend and two bits of sloppy defending have caused us dearly today, for all the good football we played today and the effort was great but we need to have that desire to go and score a goal, I don’t thing Craig Nelson had many saves to make in the game which was the disappointing thing for all our possession. It’s the end of the first quarter, we started the season so well in our first five games and then had four really poor games when we have suffered with not having players fit, we need to get these players fit and get ourselves options on the park and no better in the last third of the pitch and if we do that we will have a chance, but a great game of football, we lost it, somebody had to lose it, but gutted we leave Glebe Park empty handed, we need to be more clinical in front of goal.

    Allan Maitland – Team Manager

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