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    Allan Maitland after Dundee Utd game 

    Tuesday, August 25, 2009 7:24:54 PM

    I thought in the first half in particular that Dundee United were just shaper, better than us, their attitude was excellent and they were first to most balls and we were chasing it a lot, in situations like that there will be a lapse in concentration and I have to say both their goals were soft, bad goals for us to lose which could have been avoided, and I think both goals were bad goals for us to lose, the second goal in particular, but great credit to them their attitude was great. In the second half when Brian Carrigan came on, we started holding the ball a bit better and I thought we played a wee bit better, but even allowing for that we never did enough to threaten them, they are a good side and we can hold our heads up because we played much better in the second half and took a bit of pride from the game, but in all honestly the game against Clyde on Saturday is a lot more important for us, to do well tonight we needed Dundee United to turn up and maybe not be in the right frame of mind, but unfortunately for us I don’t think that happened, I thought they were sharp, good players, good touch on the ball, people will complain about our surface but if you are a full time team that must be a dream surface for you, because they just passed the ball and passed the ball and we chased and chased and you cannot get the ball of them and having the belief and confidence to do that, it makes it a long night for any part time team and I think that’s what happened, but all kidding aside we were just on the verge of scoring when David McClune got injured and we had to play out the end of the game with only ten players, it was hard enough playing with eleven players but all credit to Dundee United they deserved their victory, but I cannot complain about the effort from my players on the night.

    Allan Maitland


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