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    Jim Goodwin after defeat to Partick 

    Saturday, February 16, 2019 7:56:36 PM

    Jim Goodwin after defeat against Partick Thistle

    We were looking forward to the game but the game plan went out of the window after losing a goal in only three minutes, we were then chasing the game from then on. I have spoken enough about the cheap goals we are giving away, I don’t think in our last four league games the opposition hasn’t had to do a great deal to score and that’s the disappointing thing for me because it is the same group of players, the tactics are the same as they were in the first half of the season but for whatever reason we are just giving sloppy goals away. The first goal was a poor goal, we have to defend the cross better when it comes into the box and the second goal as well is poor defending. I would love to be able to give the opposition credit in terms of that they had cut us open or the played some great football there, or it was a fantastic free kick but lately I haven’t been able to say that. And that is because our defending at times has just been so poor and that puts us on the back foot and straight away you are chasing the game. Partick then could afford to come off the game, like they did, I think they started to run the clock down from about the fifth minute of the game it was incredible.

    It was very frustrating from the side lines you want to try and get a little tempo and get some urgency in the game, but it is very difficult when they are taking half minute each time to get the ball in play every time the ball went out. It was a frustrating afternoon but we just need to pick ourselves up again it is as simple as that. We need to stop giving ourselves a mountain to climb each week, it would be great to get our noses in front and see how the opposition react and then maybe we could take or feet of the gas and let the clock run down,.

    We are very disappointed we have now lost our last four league matches but at the same time I have said to the players that we are only seven points adrift of fifth, the league is really tightening up. This time last year it must have been very difficult for Brechin City when you consider they were only sitting on three or four  points, and they were relegated and it was a formality where as from our open point of view we are still in it, we have a lot to play for and it is really important we don’t get too down on ourselves, we have put ourselves in a really good position, unfortunately we are currently on a bit of a bad run but four games prior to this run we had gone six games unbeaten.

    We are a good team I believe in the players , I think we actually played well today and I believe we played some good football at times today, possession stats are great but at the end of the day what matters is who scores more goals than the other team. Next week we need to look to bounce back in what will be another difficult game against Queen of the South at Dumfries. But we need to get back to winning ways.


    Jim Goodwin

    Managers Corner