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    Jim Goodwin after 2-2 draw 

    Saturday, January 05, 2019 5:11:54 PM

    Jim Goodwin after 2-2 draw at East End Park

    It was a game of two halves, it definitely was, I thought Dunfermline were excellent in the first half, we were off it there was no doubt about that, we didn’t compete well enough, we didn’t show enough composure on the ball and it was just wave after wave of Dunfermline attacks, so we were delighted to get in at half-time at 2-0, albeit the two goals the first a great strike from Aidan Keena from twenty five yards out there was not a lot Neil Parry could do about it and for the second goal Iain Flannigan was very unfortunate, Neil made a good save and Iain following in, the ball hits him and goes in as an own goal.

    We got in at half-time 2-0 down and changed the shape a wee bit and stressed the importance of the next goal and I really did feel if we got the next goal I felt the home fans would get a bit nervy and this would get the Dunfermline players nervy and that definitely seemed to be the case, we were much better in the second half and it was more like us in possession and out of possession, we competed a lot better and picked up far more second balls and I don’t think Neil Parry had a save to make in the second half, it was just fantastic.

    I think that is now fourteen occasions they have come back during 2018 till now in 2019, that they have come back from a losing position being behind to pick up a point or three, I have just said to the players “You can be the best manager in the World, with the best group of players technically in the World, talk formations and tactics all you want, but the team spirit and the character and togetherness of the players we have at present you cannot buy that, you can’t coach that, that is something that comes from within”, they can be so proud of their effort in the second half, they never know when they are beat and never give in and that’s what I have been saying every week. We know we will come to some difficult places, we know we are playing against some very good teams but all I ask for is 100% commitment and that we never give in and you can see that from the players they just never give up which is fantastic.

    Jim Goodwin

    Managers Corner