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    Jim Goodwin after Irn-Bru Cup exit 

    Saturday, November 17, 2018 8:00:25 PM

    Jim Goodwin after Irn Bru Cup exit

    We are extremely disappointed to be out of the competition, we started the game so well, getting our noses in front by getting two goals early doors was great and I think after that, I don’t know if we got a false sense of security maybe and thought it was going to be too easy, we dropped a little bit too deep after about twenty five minutes and invited Edinburgh City to put balls into our box and the goal just on half-time was a bit of a sick one to take, we should have defended it better, we gave away a cheap free kick, we worked all week at defending set plays because we knew how important they would be to Edinburgh City, it was a great delivery and they had big boys coming up, particularly Blair Henderson their striker and inevitably it was him who got the free header. We went from half a minute of the first half being two nil up at half-time feeling good about ourselves, then getting done with the sucker punch it was disappointing overall.

    We have taken the competition seriously right from the start, I know some of the bigger teams used it as an opportunity to give some of their second string a run out but that has never been the case for ourselves, we respect the tournament and we tried to win it, it is as simple as that, but I don’t think we could argue about the overall result, to draw the game was disappointing and the second goal we lost was poor defensively but I felt Edinburgh City were the better team in the second half and they were putting us under a lot of pressure. They are a very direct team who try to get the ball up to Henderson and they are good at putting balls into the box and getting good runners of him, so we didn’t cope well enough with that in the second half and we didn’t impose our own game on Edinburgh, we didn’t get the ball down to be able to draw players as well as what we could have so fair play to Edinburgh City when it goes to penalties it is just a lottery at the end of the day - I can’t fault my boys too much as they had previously this season scored 19 in a row before today’s game, the standard of penalties up till now had been excellent unfortunately Scott Taggart and Andy Graham are the two who miss but your luck will run out at one point or another so you cannot go to penalties continuously to win games. It didn’t go our way today and I wish Edinburgh City all the best in the next round.

    Jim Goodwin

    Managers Corner