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    Jim Goodwin at Dumfries 

    Sunday, October 07, 2018 7:40:59 AM

    Jim Goodwin at Palmerston Park

    We couldn’t have started the game any better, we came right out of the traps and were getting in behind them, we were causing them problems in the wide areas and were putting some great balls into the box and it was great to get ourselves in front for a change because we have had to chase games up till now in every league game we have found ourselves going behind. So it was the first time in the league this season we have found ourselves going in front, to be a goal up was great, then to go three up was quite incredible, and I was looking forward to the half-time team talk.

    Stephen Dobbie is absolutely incredible, what he is capable of and whatever he is getting paid here it is not enough, no disrespect to the rest of the players, I thought Dykes done well but Dobbie single handed dragged them back into the game - his first goal is a great goal, one which is very hard to defend against, you hold your hands up in cases like that, the other two for me, particularly the second one which was disappointing defensively from our point of view.

    At half-time we spoke about going out and trying to win the second half at worse we draw the second half and we win the game but Dobbie’s third goal came out of nothing, a half chance, one that I was not too concerned when he hit it twenty yards out but Neil Parry was unsighted, there were three or four bodies in front of him and he couldn’t react quick enough to keep it out. So really disappointed, it feels like a defeat

    Our season so far this season is that we have had too many games where we should have got more out of the games, particularly on the road we have been very good away from home, that’s our third draw on the road and one draw at home - we have been excellent away from home and you would see in the opening half hour today what the boys are capable of but we need to cut out the sloppy goals. We still had chances ourselves and kept going; I have to give the players credit for that, once they had got the third goal to equalise it would be very easy for to get really nervy and panic and then lose the game. Iain Flannigan hits the post from a free kick it was a great save in fairness, I would like to see the Alan Trouten one again, Gary Naysmith said to me after the game he thought it was a penalty, I did at the time but I understand it was a difficult one for the referee but I think if it was anywhere else on the park it was a foul and free kick, it was a big decision at a big moment in the game and it would have been nice for it to go our way.

    Jim Goodwin


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