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    Jim Goodwin at Peterhead 

    Saturday, May 06, 2017 5:13:12 PM

    Jim Goodwin after Peterhead game

    It’s always disappointing to lose a game, I thought the boys did well, lots of positives we can take from the game, disappointed with the goals we conceded but a great effort from all the lads, it was a good opportunity to give one or two of the lads a run, I thought Adam Martin was excellent, he was a real positive on the day, took his goal really well and probably could have had another one as well but their keeper “Smudger” makes a great save. It was a good game especially from a neutral point of view, it was quite end to end and fair play to Peterhead they had to go and get the result to stay in the league and I’m sure Jim and all his staff and players will be delighted and breathe a huge sigh of relief I would imagine.

    We have made changes in our last two or three games so don’t read anything into the fact we played a weakened team, we haven’t we made a number of changes in our last two games against Stranraer and Airdrie, but we go into every game looking to win, I have a very good squad so the changes I make don’t really effect the overall performance of the team, but we are disappointed today not come away with at least a point to be honest with you, when I look at the manner of the goals, I look at the free kick which was given at the third goal, it was a strange decision. Sometimes you get them and sometimes you don’t and thankfully today wasn’t a day when the result was hugely significant for us because if it was I would possibly have a little bit more to say on one or two of the decisions which went against us.

    We are looking forward to the Play-Off Semi-finals now, the boys are really excited and I am delighted now to know who we are finally to meet, Airdrie are a great side a really good team a good attacking team, we know where their dangers are the threat that they have going forward, but we are very confident, we have great belief among the team and the players and we have beaten them a couple of times this season, so we now look forward to Wednesday. Having known we were in the play-off’s three games ago, it has been my job to keep them motivated and make sure the standards don’t drop and gladly they haven’t, they are a great bunch of players and I can’t speak more highly of them, but disappointed to lose the last league game of the season because I don’t think we deserved to lose it but we will pick ourselves up because next week will be all important with two huge games coming up and it’s important that we are in the final.

    Jim Goodwin

    Managers Corner