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    Allan Maitland after victory over East Fife 

    Sunday, April 19, 2009 2:03:09 PM

    Inevitably at this time of the season I think that the team that needs to win tends to do that and we have seen that in games recently. Today, we needed to win much more than East Fife did and that is no disrespect to anybody it is not a question of us playing better that them – we needed to win much more than them which meant that when the ball was there to be won we had a bit more energy and drive and I think that was the crucial factor, especially in the first half. We knew that with East Fife’s position, in the middle of the league and the change of manager would give them a boost for a start, so they would probably start the game well but with them being stuck in the middle of the division they had nothing to play for. When they went 2-0 down it was hardly going to be all out assault trying to get back into it – it was going to be game that was killed for them and I think we did that very well. It was a big game for debutants Gary Carroll and Marc McCafferty and I though the two of them were excellent. Brown Ferguson and John Grant gave us so much energy in the middle of the park, I think that was a crucial thing. Stuart Noble played his last game for us and he has done really well without scoring as many goals as we would have liked and I was pleased today that he left on a high rather than a low from last week, today he did well and scored a goal and having the front two players today scoring goals helps. Everything went for us today a shutout, no penalties against us which East Fife usually get – all in all it has been a very good day for us. Before this game we had big decisions to make for team selection today, with Dougie Wilson having fractured his ankle last week and Dougie Hill having pneumonia but the players who have come in have been fantastic.

    Allan Maitland – Team Manager

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