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    Jack Ross after defeat to Livingston 

    Sunday, September 11, 2016 7:40:11 AM

    Jack Ross after Livingston defeat

    Disappointed we lost the game but performance wise I thought the game was competitive in the first half and in the second half I thought we were excellent. We have been in the position this season that other teams have been on the flipside of where we were at half-time today, so it was a big test of character for our players in the second half, I thought in the second half they were terrific.

    I thought Livingston played well and were a threat going forward, disappointed especially with the second goal, I thought it was a free kick, but the referee has to make these decisions in a split second, I thought he got it wrong and the third goal was just a fantastic goal and that is the one which makes the rest of the game very difficult, however I had a huge about of pride in what the players achieved in the second half.

    People look for all runs to come to an end but I say no, I always thought we could have retained it but it has come to an end now, but I don’t believe it had to come to an end, however the reality is now that it has and we will now look to start another one, it’s as simple as that, that one is in the bin now it’s done the players have had recognition but I believe they are capable of going on another one and that’s how we will approach things starting with next week.

    They are all difficult games in this league and we knew that, I think within that run you have to play well but you also need things to fall your way at certain times, whether that is decisions or the bounce of the ball, which we probably didn’t have today, that is not to take away Livingston deserved to win the game today, they scored three times we scored only once. They will enjoy their victory, but we must dust ourselves down and be ready to go again.

    We have started the season well but we were never going to win the league in August or September, however we have lots to be pleased of in the months ahead.

    Jack Ross

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