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    Jack Ross after Irn Bru victory 

    Sunday, September 04, 2016 5:30:11 PM
    Jack Ross after victory in Irn Bru Cup
    I seem to sound as if I am starting to repeat myself but I have just been emphasizing that the players what they have achieved is a terrific achievement, it was good today against East Fife, as against a fortnight ago against the same opponents the players came in after the game a wee bit flat after losing a late goal , the first half in a lot of games this season we have been good and sometimes that feeling has disappeared the way the second half has panned out but today they were bubbly in the changing room after the game because they have recognised what they are doing is something special, at any level of football it is not achieved very often and the players should enjoy it and take great pride from it, but I keep emphasising we need to keep it going.
    It would be hard not to acknowledge the seven clean sheets as well and Neil Parry deserves a huge amount of credit for that because he has made big saves in games, he did again today, it is not like he has had nothing to do in these games, we have not been dominant and teams have had opportunities against us, we are playing against good teams as well but Neil is in a great run of form and he is getting more and more confident in his general manner but that will be overlooked a bit as everybody focuses on the ten wins.
    Jordan Kirkpatrick is another player who I always believed would get an opportunity to play at a higher level in the Premier League, I spoke to a number of people I knew at that level but for one reason or another it never materialised, and I know from working closely with him, how good he is, he just needs people to believe in him, his goal scoring return for a midfielder is incredible this season and I am delighted with him.
    I am looking forward to the next round and delighted it will again be played on a Saturday which makes a big difference, the game falling on a Saturday allows us to approach the fixture as a normal game, if it had been a midweek game I would have had a different approach in personnel because we would have looked at the fatigue factor in playing mid week, we are just happy to be in the next round and keep the winning sequence going.
    Jack Ross

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