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    Allan Maitland after 3-2 defeat by Stirling 

    Saturday, March 07, 2009 7:07:33 PM

    Can I start by saying – I have been at Recreation Park now three years, and that is easily the best game we have had at the Recs this season, I thought that was a fantastic game of football, a great game of football, I thought Stirling Albion played really really well, I thought we created the best chances of the game throughout – at 1-0 I thought we were comfortable, I must say for my shout I didn’t think it was a penalty kick, in fact I’m convinced it wasn’t a penalty kick, I thought that was a poor decision. Stirling Albion got the benefit of that and it gave them a boost, we were still smarting for the second goal, which was a great finish, but got ourselves back into the game again and Stuart Noble had a great opportunity to put us 3-2 up, the third goal comes from our corner kick , the ball comes to the edge of the box and when we should try to stop the game, we allow Stirling Albion a break and to be fair they had had that the whole game and we spoke about it at half-time and still didn’t deal with it, and despite Jellie’s great save, they still score the third goal. Bomber then had a great opportunity to level the game at the end but headed it bye the post , I think Stuart Noble had one, but it was a great game of football, sometimes you win sometimes you lose, but if the players play like that all the time we will not be far away, Stirling Albion were great, the game was played in a great spirit, but by the end of the game there was a few dodgy tackles coming in but that was caused by frustration, because they feel as though decisions have gone against them, it was never a penalty and the penalty has changed the game, it gave them a bonus, given them a boost and they took full advantage of it, but there was not many things wrong with the team today, I thought Brown Ferguson was magnificent, constantly driving from the middle of the park, we created plenty of chances and the faults were the second and third goals which we didn’t defend, but if every game was like that at the Recs, despite the scoreline, I don’t think people would be complaining too much.

    Allan Maitland – Team Manager

    Managers Corner