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    Jack Ross after draw with QOS 

    Sunday, April 17, 2016 2:25:40 AM
    Jack Ross after draw with Queen of the South
    Our motivation prior to today’s game was to record back to back victory, which we haven’t been able to do this season, Queen of the South were the only club we hadn't taken any points from - we managed to do that but disappointed after being in a winning position we couldn’t get the three points, by conceding late on and not seeing it through, I think overall a draw was probably a fair reflection on the game because it swung at times in terms of who was dominating it and Queen’s put us under a lot of pressure in the second half.

    The second goal was a really good goal, I was pleased for Connor McManus because being a young player comes on and gives away the penalty and shows great character to still want to take part in the game and scores a really good goal, a great move and really good finish. This is all part of his learned experience being on loan and from him he can take a huge positive in that by responding after giving away the penalty to score a really good goal.

    I haven’t mentioned contracts to the players at this stage because I think as a group now they have set standards in training that we want to accept as being the norm at the club and they have been there over the last couple of months and their performance levels have been fairly consistent and we have managed to achieve more points, not enough, but there are a number of positives to take in the way we are finishing the season so it is important to try anf take that momentum into next season which always matters, you want to finish the season in a positive way and take that into pre season.

    Next week against Rangers is a game they will be desperate to be involved in , they have experienced the stadium before but not in these circumstances in terms of the atmosphere, so it’s a big challenge but one we are going into in a good frame of mind being unbeaten in our last three Championship matches.

    Michael Duffy has been great for us this season, he is not an out and out striker and it would be unfair to judge him purely on his goals scored he is a very talented footballer with a fantastic work ethic who has been terrific for me, he is popular among the players and the support because the recognise the work and quality he provides, I don’t think he realises how good he is at times when he gets himself turned and going at defenders he is a real threat to them and he has get better over the season and he will be a asset to someone next season whether he is allowed to go back out on loan again and will have a positive career in the game.

    I’m hoping to address my own contract situation with the club in the next week or so, I have enjoyed the opportunity and people might think because we have been relegated it hasn’t been a good experience but the response and reaction from the players has given me some comfort knowing they are going about thinks in the right way so I would very much welcome the opportunity to get the club back up again, the dynamics of next season will be different, over the last few years it’s been about survival and that is not said in a derogatory way that is the simple facts of being a club of this size in a full time league so, next season will be different, the club will be expected to win more games but equally there will be games where there will be a lot more opportunity to go and win games rather than hoping to win them as sometimes has been the case this season.

    Jack Ross

    Managers Corner