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    Jack Ross at Livingston 

    Sunday, April 03, 2016 4:49:49 PM

    It’s probably been the story for us for two or three months now, that we haven’t been scoring enough goals, certainly I can only speak from December, but in a lot of occasions we have played well and created opportunities but when you don’t take them it makes it difficult, certainly the players knew the potential outcome of today, if we didn’t achieve three points and I stressed to them to show pride and they did that in abundance, I don’t think I could have got anymore out of them in effort levels and performance, because they played well in parts of the game, so nothing to be ashamed of from their point of view, certainly now their pride is hurt, frustrated all these things but certainly not embarrassed.

    We were conscious that this day could come with the way results have been in the last few weeks it meant it was probably inevitable, I certainly do not think that is reflected in their play or performances, I certainly feel for them more than anything else, my job is to try and get the best from them and hope the players get the rewards for that, I don’t suppose it really sinks in properly until you come away from it because you are still thinking of the game that has just went, of course we are hugely disappointed, it’s the first time I have experienced this in my playing or coaching career, and my message is this “Remember the feeling and you don’t want to experience it again” and hopefully if I’m part of things here, that we are chasing a title next season. This is the crappy side of the game but sometimes you have to experience to enjoy the good times even more when hopefully we are given that chance.

    We still have really good games coming up, Hibernian next week, we still have to go to Ibrox these are great game to be involved in and it means the players will not relax and still play with the same intensity and pride and want to finish the season on a high and get rewards for what they could have had already. The first home win was one of the first things I said to the players when I came here that must be our objective, we were unfortunate when the game was abandoned due to the snow and we have had injury time goals which have denied us that but we still have three opportunities to put that right, we will take one, trust me.

    Jack Ross

    Managers Corner