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    Jack Ross after derby defeat 

    Sunday, March 06, 2016 2:46:19 PM

    Jack Ross after derby defeat against Falkirk

    With the difference at the bottom of the league increasing to eleven points, I believe it is now difficult but not beyond the players, I said prior to the game after losing last Saturday to Livingston I had hoped to have played on Tuesday and today and potentially the points could have gone our way and the difference was as little as four again, but its went the flipside of that and the challenge is now huge but still not impossible, however we need to win matches - the outlook before and still is all about winning games which is not easy in this league, it is a tough league, you cannot highlight the fixture list and say where points will come, every match is difficult.

    What I was pleased about today, was the reaction from last week and also in the second half today because we were coming here against a good side and could have folded in the second half, but they didn’t and remained as competitive as they could be. I said in the dressing room after the game we must have the ambition to win games between now and the end of the season and see where that takes us.

    Scott Gallacher made some crucial saves in the match but I expect a goalkeeper playing against a team third in the league, now second, to make saves, he is a good goalkeeper, I have said that before, he is a keeper we are lucky to have at Alloa who I think would earn a team five, six or seven points over a season because he makes good saves at important times.

    Ideally we would want to win every game from now to the end of the season, there is nothing wrong with setting that as your target because if you don’t it would be pointless us turning up, so we go again on Tuesday and look to try and win the game, the players by in large in the time I’ve been here have been great in terms of their attitude and commitment, they just lack a bit of belief especially in the final third of the park and that is indicative of how or season has went for us, thinking there is a hope we will score rather than an expectancy to do so, we keep trying to work on that and if we pick up some positive results, at least then we will have had some reward for those efforts.

    We need to win matches, we haven’t won enough of them to date, although we are more competitive we still haven’t won enough games, so our target now is just to go and win matches, regardless of other teams we need to win matches.

    Jack Ross

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