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    Allan Maitland after 0-0 draw at Forthbank 

    Tuesday, March 03, 2009 9:14:35 PM

    It was a very difficult night with two honest teams giving it their all , it is not the worst 0-0 draw I have ever seen , both teams were very committed, Stirling had a twenty minute spell in the second half when John O’Neil caused us real problems got in behind us and Ross Forsyth hit the post and John had a shot himself which skidded by the post and at that time they were on top but we got our selves back into the game, the subs helped us, Brian Carrigan gave us a bit of guile which was missing previously and Greig Spence was always a threat up front, while Pat Scullion did well in the centre of the park, by the end of the game Iain Campbell was unwell and Dougie Hill was struggling with his groin which allowed big Martin Grehan to get onto flick on’s all the time which was a problem because the ball was sticking at our end of the park to often for my liking. This was a game two months ago we would have lost, but we are digging in now and getting something out of games which previously we were unable to do, tonight’s result becomes a good result if we win on Saturday. Both teams worked really hard and a draw was a fair result but we will look to win on Saturday and take four points out of the two games. Thought Stirling had their moments, we were decent, worked really hard, so a draw is a fair result. We had a great chance at the end when their goalkeeper made a magnificent save from Brian Carrigan. Bit by bit we are dragging ourselves away from the bottom of the league, in Scot Buist we had the one outstanding defender on the park tonight and he covered up for Dougie in the second half when he was suffering through his groin injury.
    Saturday will be a different game and one we will look to win.

    Allan Maitland - Team Manager



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